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Aimtoget WordPress Plugin By VTUpress

Aimtoget Website/app has an endless Virtual Services and Product from Convert Airtime to Cash, Cheapest Data and bunch of VTU Top up Products.

There are lots of thing Aimtoget Account Can do that your customer would love, starting from Cconverting Airtime to Cash, Withdraw money to Bank and Top up.

Infact, I recently discover that a registered agent can buy Data For As Low As #250 per 1GB on MTN

Here are other things you can do with Aimtoget Account;

  • Airtime to cash Data
  • topup 
  • Instant withdrawals 
  • Airtime purchase 
  • SMS Advert 
  • Funds transfer 
  • Airtime payment 
  • Airtime swap 
  • Bill payments 
  • Online payment Bank transfer (#25) 
  • Instant notification 
  • Detailed history

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to Create Website like Aimtoget or Works with Aimtoget


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Even if you are Aimtoget Agent and still want to have your own website.

This VTU WordPress Plugin can help you connect to Aimtoget Website using your Api and secret key.

Not A Developer?

No Worry,

Our team of developers at VTUpress would handle the techincal part of connecting the api key and set up for you.

Do you have a wordpress blog or a website buit with WordPress,

You can install VTUpress Plugin and Activate to start selling Cheap Data and VTU Airtime on your Website.

If you have in Mind to Sell Airtime and Data Online with either a Website or Mobile App

Look no further because there is now a VTU WordPress Plugin called VTUpress that can help you sell VTU products such as;

Airtime, Data, Electricty Bill Payment, Tv Sucription like Dstv, Gotv, Startime Recharge.

On your WordPress site in Nigeria.

How To Download Aimtoget WordPress Plugin

First, let see Who and what is Aimtoget.

Aimtoget is a digital platform that has an inbuit software that enables you to convert Airtime TO Cash in Nigeria (More Countries Soon).

Also, you can purchase airtime, data and swap airtime,

Pay Bills Using Airtime, Make Online Payment with Airtime and lot more.

Aimtoget has a new mobile app with over 50,000 download on Google Playstore and 13.50MB in size.

First Released on November 17, 2017 and last updated on October 10, 2020 with the latest version of 3.0.1 (as at when this post was published).

More of what you can do with Aimtoget Mobile App:

  • Convert Airtime To Cash
  • Transfer Funds
  • Fingerprint authentication for easier sign in
  • Purchase Airtime
  • Purchase Data
  • Pay Bills
  • Swap Airtime
  • Generate E-cards for Payments
  • Scan To Pay
  • And Much More

Aimtoget is reviewed 4.4 ratings and reviews on playstore.


From VTUscript research, Aimtoget is legit and safe to use for personal use and business.


Aside Personal use, Aimtoget offer other account on their website such as Merchants and agent but before you can be giving access to other business account on Aimtoget website

You must have a user account.

User Account.

Business Account.

Agent Account is also know as Business Account on Aimtoget which can grant you access to they Api Keys and Transcation keys,

That would enable you use Aimtoget WordPress Plugin

To Download and Activate Aimtoget WordPress Plugin, Get it from

VTUpress support team would help you activate the plugin to your site.

If this is your first time Installing a wordpress plugin on your site – See our detailed guide on How To Install VTUpress Plugin on WordPress

Aimtoget Agent/ Biz:

With Aimtoget agent account all the service offered by Aimtoget would be sold to you at a discounted rates.

How to become an agent on aimtoget

How To Become An Agent on Aimtoget

  • Firstly, register a normal user account
  • Fund your wallet with NGN 5000
  • One time non refundable payment of NGN 5000 is required for agent account upgrade.
  • Setup is very easy and our team of professionals are always readily available to assit.
  • once you are fully ready and have funded your account with the required amount, kindly contact Aimtoget at for an agent account upgrade request

Benefit of Becoming Aimtoget Agent

  • Convenience fee exemptions on bill/services payments
  • Massive discount on airtime & data purchases
  • Higher customer support priority.
  • Access to Aimtoget API services.

Steps To Activate VTUpress Plugin

  • aimtoget
  • aimtoget
  • aimtoget
  • aimtoget

After you might have downloaded Aimtoget WordPress Plugin and install,

Next thing is to activate the plugin.

Once you get the plugin from VTUpress, you would be giving your App ID and Activation Key.

Login to your wordpress dashbard and go to VTUpress plugin.

You would be request to provide your app id and activation key to activate the Plugin.

Insert your Credentials and it is activated to your domain name

Do not share your activation key with anyone.

it would not work on another domain name if your plan is Personal Version

How To Add Aimtoget Account On VTUpress

If you requested for Aimtoget WordPress Plugin from VTUpress, you would be requested to provide your API key and transcation key.

VTUpress Developer Team would Integrate it with the plugin and you do not need to do any further Set Up.

Just to set up the Design and Colour Them and Add Fund to your Wallet on Aimtoget to start Selling.

Shortcode To Display VTUpress on WordPress Front-end

If you want to see VTUpress Form on your WordPress Page

Just insert this code on any page or Pop up form on your WordPress Website


As simple as that and you have created VTU Website on wordpress.

Set up other Design on your website and install other VTUpress Extensions.


VP Reseller

VP User

VP Custom Api

Aimtoget Wallet Funding: How To Add Fund To Aimtoget Account

aimtoget – fund wallet

Select your desire method to fund yourr wallet,

ATM Card

Bank Transfer



How To Withdraw Money From Aimtoget Account

Go to Withdraw on the Aimtoget mobile application or the website

Input amount to withdraw and Choose the bank you want to withdraw to or enter bank details if you haven’t added any bank before, please ensure you’re entering the correct details to avoid mistake..


woman, people, isolated

What Next Step To Get Aimtoget WordPress Plugin

To get VTUpress Plugin – First VTU WordPress in Nigeria

Kindly Contant Me On Whatsapp

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Published on May 30, 2021 @ 3:14 pm

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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  1. Wonderful!

    I am an aimtoget agent and I resell Data and airtime from the platform.

    After reading this, I can now automated and Sell Data and Airtime online.

    WordPress is the best website builder, using on my blog.

    I would get VTUpress Plugin to start selling Data from my website.

    Thank you very much James for this tutorial.

    I would share with my friends also using aimtoget.

    1. Hey Jide,

      Thank you for your time and honest comment here.

      Hope it serve you best.

      ~ James.

  2. Grace Imade says:


    James, I don’t know anything about How to Sell Airtime and Data online.

    That is starting my own vtu website and I don’t know if you have a tutorial on that to guide me or help me do it.

    I would appreciate that.

  3. I have a WordPress site already but could not find the plugin on WordPress Plugin Store.

    How do I get it and How much?

    1. Mavis,
      Quiet Unfortunate that the plugin is not yet avaliable on WordPress Directory.
      to get VTUpress Plugin, kindly message me on whatsapp: 07055487338

  4. Samuel Peter says:

    Plz, How can I make money having a vtu website without selling anything.

    And how can I receive the money to my bank account.