Paypal Alternatives in Nigeria

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Does PayPal work in Nigeria now? No. All the news you are hearing about receiving payment from PayPal or withdraw fund from PayPal is not true for Nigeria PayPal Account. They bypass to get that using another country detail.

Now, What is Alternative To PayPal In Nigeria

Here in this post I will show you legitimate platform you can use to request payment from foreign client (in dollar) and get paid straight to your Nigeria Bank without issues.

But, if you already have fund with your existing PayPal personal account in Nigeria. You can sell the fund to people and get paid cash.

However, wanting to start accepting payment from outside Nigeria and want to know the best alternative to PayPal that works well with Nigeria Bank account.

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I will tell you for free.

Recently, most payment channel has alliance with PayPal to make merchant and user have free flow transaction of fund here in Nigeria. Like banks and online payment methods.


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Now, What Nigeria Bank accept PayPal fund.

Nigeria Banks That Receives PayPal Funds

Nigeria Bank that work with PayPal is FirstBank of Nigeria.

Here is what they say is the benefit of using PayPal on Firstbank to make payment.

PayPal is an online payment solutions company offers simplified and secure online payment without the need to reveal financial information or card details to the merchant, protecting users against fraud and FirstBank has entered into an alliance with this payment service.


Benefits of creating a PayPal account through FirstOnline

  • Instant account activation
  • Higher transaction success rates at over 9 million international merchant sites.
  • You never have to input your card details when consummating payments on PayPal-enabled websites. Shop secure with just your email address and password.
  • You do not share your financial information to any merchant
  • Receive 100% protection assurance from PayPal.
  • Receive a full refund from PayPal in disputed purchases, i.e. when wrong or damaged items are sent, or when goods do not arrive as expected.
  • Get exclusive mind-blowing discounts and free shipping to Nigeria in participating merchant sites.
does pay work in nigeria

About PayPal

Major Online Payment uses PayPal as a method to pay Affiliate, Freelancers and also as a way to receive payment globally. This lead to PayPal been the Number #1 most preferred payment gateway online till date.

But, for those of us leaving in countries that has some PayPal restrictions and limitations.

We find it difficult to do a free flow transaction in PayPal.

Someone asked me if PayPal has been unbanned in Nigeria or if PayPal has lifted the banned in Nigeria.

The truth is that PayPal never banned Nigerians from using the platform, or any news you might have had about PayPal.

Here is How PayPal Works;

PayPal has two sign up account you can choose from depending on the purpose of creating the account.

We have:

  • PayPal Personnal Account.
  • PayPal Business Account.

Do not be confused here, I will explain what both of them means.

Personal Account: This is an individual account that is created for the main purpose to Make Payment Online using PayPal and this account can be funded using Debit/Credit Cards as well as Fund Transfer. Note, you can not get paid using this account in Nigeria.

Business Account: As the name implies is for Business purpose and this account has not limited in amount of funds to receive or transact, if you provide all means of verification as required by PayPal Inc.

You can Pay, Receive and Withdraw with PayPal Business Account in Nigeria (if properly set up).

If your main purpose for using PayPal is to get paid and withdraw funds, you must be a registered business and create a PayPal Business account in Nigeria.

Let say you have already known how to create a PayPal account and have been frustrated by PayPal Limitations and banned.

I would like to present to you a Nigeria PayPal Alternatives that works in 2022.

Have you gotten really frustrated using PayPal and you are looking for PayPal Alternatives in Nigeria, this article explains and show you best PayPal Alternatives 2022 – Alternative To PayPal In Nigeria 

Are you a freelancer, or you offer direct jobs for foreign clients and want to get paid in foreign currency such as dollar and get it paid to your bank account?

If the transaction involves you directly to the client(s), then you can easily receive fund (money) at good rate to your bank account using

Paypal Alternatives in Nigeria

How Does It Work

Create your payment link 🔗

Generate a unique link within a minute or two. Simply fill out the quick payment request form and you are good to go.

Share your payment link 💬

Share your payment link to your clients, friends or family abroad.

MoveFunds track your payment 👀

Movefunds offer your payers global payment methods, including Apple Pay. You get instant notifications as soon as they pay you.

You receive your money 🤑

MoveFunds payout directly to your bank account and you receive it within 30 minutes or less. Exchange Rate: N550 to $1.

Looking for other PayPal Alternatives, see this;

Best PayPal Alternatives 2022


Skrill is a popular PayPal competitor that may charge a smaller percentage per transaction than PayPal. It also features fee-free deposits, withdrawals and transfers. Although Skrill may charge a fee for inactivity over a certain period, you may wish to consider using Skrill to save on fees if your business is frequently active online.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a popular service that is like PayPal, with the added feature of integrability with Gmail, Google’s email service. Google Pay might also not charge a fee on debit transactions, in contrast to PayPal, which does. Google Pay might be a good PayPal alternative for you if your operations use Google’s suite of products.


Payoneer is a product that emphasizes international commerce. Like PayPal, they offer services for a wide variety of industries and their fees vary depending on type, be it echecks, credit cards or direct debit.


One of the more popular online payment services, Stripe sometimes leads the market as a PayPal competitor. This platform includes the benefit of direct rather than manually initiated transfers, and they serve the U.S. and Canada business markets (though they can accept payments from other locations as well).


WePay is a PayPal alternative that is available for online transactions only. The company is owned by Chase, and it emphasizes market sectors such as crowdfunding and small businesses. Software-as-a-service providers might appreciate WePay’s API as well.

QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments, by Intuit, emphasizes their payment speed as an alternative to PayPal, as PayPal processing time can vary. QuickBooks Payments works well with Intuit’s QuickBooks invoicing software, so businesses that use Intuit’s products for payroll, invoicing and other accounting purposes might benefit by using this PayPal alternative.


ProPay advertises its suitability for a diverse array of business types, including small businesses and enterprise operations. ProPay operates on a quote basis, so interested companies need to contact their sales department directly.


TransferWise touts its relatively low prices as a selling point on the PayPal alternative market. Their services include online payment processing, payroll and debit services. TransferWise services reach maximum speeds in the United Kingdom and Europe.


Dwolla’s key selling point is their developer-friendly API. Its programmability makes it popular among companies with robust development divisions, and it also boasts a relatively low ratio of site downtime.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay, hosted by the ecommerce company Amazon, may be a popular alternative for companies with an established customer base. Companies looking for brand recognition and cross-device payment integration might want to consider Amazon Pay, as their charges and fees are like those of PayPal.


Venmo, the widely used person-to-person payment transfer application, also provides services for businesses and enterprise operations. This company also has the benefit of brand recognition, which may help customers feel more comfortable with their online purchases. Venmo integrates with Braintree and PayPal, so it is also beneficial for companies that have these systems already in place and are seeking additional customer payment options.


Square is a PayPal alternative that accommodates a wide variety of business sizes and types. The company’s multiple plan options allow for customization, and they also feature a variety of report types for easy sales analysis.

Shopify Payments

If you use Shopify, you can already access this PayPal alternative. Shopify Payments processes online transactions and works well with social media sales avenues such as Facebook shopping and buyable Pinterest pins. Rates can vary but may be comparable to PayPal’s.


FastSpring is an online payment system that caters to businesses selling digital products such as software and apps. Digital-first companies may benefit from FastSpring’s ecommerce optimizations and software-as-a-service subscription management.


GoCardless is another service that emphasizes subscription services, allowing businesses to easily collect recurring payments from customers. The service can automate collecting subscription fees, which may be a benefit to companies that move a significant amount of product.


Adyen, an international alternative to PayPal, helps businesses manage customer payments both online and in person. The Dutch company lists several major companies as clients, which might make them an appealing PayPal alternative to companies interested in following their example.

This payment processing company provides services such as card processing and QuickBooks integration. Many businesses enjoy their quality of customer service and user-friendly interface.


Braintree, a company owned by PayPal, provides additional personal finance options and straightforward pricing for merchants and customers alike. Braintree stores payment information, so companies that want to simplify their customers’ purchasing experience might consider this integrated PayPal alternative.


Payline provides an array of online payment services, similar to PayPal. Payline differs in that their pricing model varies according to card type. Some businesses find that they save money when using Payline depending on their individual sales situation.


BlueSnap’s benefits include automated, streamlined analytics and reporting and risk management tools. The service works well with standard ecommerce tools, so businesses with a solid online sales procedure in place might consider adding this service.


This Australian online payment system provides many of the features of PayPal to local banking networks. It provides solid reporting services and works well with most online ecommerce functions.


Klarna is a PayPal alternative that integrates personal financing options that analyze a customer’s risk level and pays the merchant directly. The customer must then reconcile that payment within 14 days. For some businesses, the convenience of instant payment via Klarna might make this a viable PayPal alternative.


X-Payments prioritizes customer and merchant payment security, which might make this a good option for businesses that want to combine their payment management system with their payment security processes. This company integrates with a variety of online shopping cart options as well.


Due is a platform that combines invoicing and payment options to streamline the online payment process for both customers and merchants. They emphasize payment security and funds transfer speeds.


Worldpay is another international PayPal competitor that offers similar services in a global context. Their pricing models vary depending on merchant type and payment processing.


This PayPal alternative also allows transactions from any country in the world. Their customizable dashboard is a popular option for businesses seeking a user-friendly analytics interface, and they also tout fast payment speeds.

Published on February 8, 2022 @ 5:52 am

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)