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[Updated] Best 2023 New Apps That Pay For Referral in Nigeria * Refer And Earn Apps

Are there Apps that pay for referrals and is it available in Nigeria? well, Did you know that you can easily make money by letting people know about apps you have used that are doing well, by just helping them to sign up through your unique referral link and get paid. it is called Refer and Earn Apps.

With so many apps online offering opportunities to get paid online, you can make use of these opportunities.

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Below are list of Apps that pay for referrals;

  1. Kuda App.
  2. PiggyVest App.
  3. Chipper App.
  4. Umba App.
  5. Opay App.
  6. FairMoney App.
  7. JumiaPay App.
  8. Expertnaire App.
  9. PalmPay App.
  10. Trove App.
  11. YelloCard.
  12. Branch.
  13. RiseVest.
  14. MoniePoint.
  15. MOMO App.
  16. Barter App.
  17. Binance App.
  18. Patrica App.
  19. Cowrywise.
  20. AppNexus.


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Download the Hawkit App and start earning without referrals


Kuda is one of Nigeria’s fast growing online bank that allows customers to access great banking features through its mobile app.

It operates without branches, customers are still able to use their mobile app and enjoy convenient services offered by the bank.

Due to the strong online presence in Nigeria, you can make money from it by just referring your friends about the platform. It is one of the best app to refer and earn in Nigeria.

Also kuda bank offers a convenient savings strategy depending on your spending and budget, which allows you to analyze your spending. Kuda bank is one app that everyone should have.

How To Share Kuda Refer Code



PiggyVest is a mobile app that offers savings and investment, in which one can lock his/her money up for rainy days.

It also offers opportunities to earn on deposited funds through some services listed in the categories which include; agriculture, fixed income assets, transportation, credit financing and lots more.

It also has a feature that can help hold your dollars in countries like the United States and stay safe due to the inflation of naira.
It is one of the best refer and earn apps online that can be used to convince family and friends to sign up and get a reward which you and the person you referred to will both get ₦1,000 once registrations are completed.


Chipper is one of the refer and earn mobile apps where you can make money by inviting someone to register and use its services.

It offers access to transfer of money between countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uk and lots more. You can perform local bank transactions which include; transfer from a chipper account in Nigeria to other countries.

All transactions done on the platform are free which makes the app one of the best mobile platforms to use, you can also use services like bills payment,airtime recharge, various investments like stock investing and lots more.

You can also activate a virtual prepaid card which can be used for online payment. Rewards through referrals are gotten when the person you refer completes the registration through your referral link and funds his/her chipper account.


Umba is an online mobile app that allows you to sign up and access amazing features without going to any branch. Features to be accessed include; airtime purchase ,money transfer, loans and lots more.

It has a cashback service model which you can access when you spend money from your wallet and debit card. ₦1,000 is earned when you refer a friend, and he/she will need to make a deposit and make a transfer of at least ₦100. It is one of the best refer and earn apps online that you can take advantage of and make money.


Opay is one of the online app to refer and earn, its main referral program includes telling a friend to register through your promo link and get paid from ₦700 to ₦1,700.

Other features or programs include a tree model partner program that provides an opportunity to earn over ₦100,000 monthly when people you invited through your link make transactions. Also it has great features like savings and debit cards.

This mobile app provides services like bill payment, savings, loans, buy airtime and data, money transfer and lots more. You can request for a debit card that will make you do other transactions in an ATM. there other free services to enjoy while using Opay like airtime and money transfer.

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FairMoney is a microfinance bank which offers access to loans up to ₦1,000,000 (one million naira). Anyone looking to get a payday loan can make use of fairmoney which offers a flexible repayment system depending on the loan offered within a period of time.

It offers ₦500 payment when a person you refer sings up to take a credit. Its also another refer and earn app that you can make use of and get paid.

In addition, you can resell data and airtime with the FairMoney App

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Jumia Pay

Jumia pay is an online shop when it comes to making orders on your favorite items online. It also provides features apart from shopping like, airtime purchase, bill payment, bus ticket booking and lots more.

It has investment programs which is an opportunity for you to take advantage of. Jumia pay is one of those apps that offers great user experience and customers always enjoy swift payments when using the app. You get ₦500 when the person you refer to spends not less than ₦500. So it’s an opportunity to tell your friends and earn money


Expertnaire is an online digital product program where customers and content creators meet. It involves selecting an advertised content on the platform, share with your friends and get paid up to ₦100,000 when sales are made through your link.

Getting started with Expertnaire involves make a payment of an affiliate registration fee of ₦10,000. Toyin Omotoso which is the founder and a top figure in affiliate business in Nigeria
Provides a course 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program which goes for ₦60,000. When you make a successful sale through referrals you can earn up to ₦30,000 as commision.


Getting a point on PalmPay is equivalent to naira and with lots of features on the app, you can get rewarded by performing different activities to secure a point.

PalmPay is a mobile money service provider that offers purchase of airtime recharge, bill payments, shopping and lots more

It also offers cashback that you earn on transactions you do and also offers discount on services as well. It is one of the best refer and earn app.


Making Investing in stock just got easier, thanks to companies like Trove.
This platform, you can purchase shares of companies in Nigeria and other stock markets by just signing into your Trove account to check and compare a series of brands whose shares are on sale.

investmenting is a good way to accumulate wealth, with Trove application that offers to customers, you only need to get an account to pursue your dreams of building wealth.

Trove awards shares of companies when you tell a friend to sign up, on like other app that offers money.

xtraincome login

How Apps That Pay For Referrals Works

The apps listed above are opportunities to refer and earn buy just sharing your links to friends and also people you refer these apps to can also get paid most times by completing their registrations through your links.

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