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There are thousands of VTU Portal Creator Software in Nigeria,

 Knowing the Best VTU Portal Creator is one of the top considerations before paying for VTU Creator Software from anyone.

No matter how fancy and responsive a VTU Script is, it functionality is the most important aspect to check before you buy and Download the software.

Also, there is lots of VTU Website not working because of many numerous factors.

Either from its API or the VTU Portal itself.

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you different types of VTU Portal Creator Software and how to make the best choice.

VTU Business is not all about its fanciness but it ability to instantly deliver any vended product like airtime and data.


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If you are new to VTU Website Business, it is recommended for you to take our guide on what is VTU all about – a beginners’ guide to VTU Business in Nigeria.

Do you want to start to Sell Data and Airtime Online and want to create VTU website, Mobile App and USSD Code for a complete VTU Business like Bank Does.

Let’s first start by knowing the VTU Portal used in Creating VTU Website.

VTU Portal Creator Software (Overview)

Most VTU Website you know of today wasn’t created from scratch but was made with VTU Script developed by Developers.

VTU Portal is connected to an API that process every transaction on the Website Portal,

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

What is the work of an API, it simply sync two different website with the same information.

Now, let me break it down in lame man language. J


If you are data reseller on Company A and connect to the Website Developer API

What so ever fund you have on your wallet with company A would reflect on your Website and whatever product vended from your website would be deducted from your wallet with Company A.

API makes the job for Reseller easy there by enabling reseller user be able to buy from them without contacting them directly.


So, would you like to create an automated website we just showed you.

If yes, See this post;

How TO Selll Data and Airtime Online

But if you are still trying to figure out the best vtu website Creator software,

I would give you a full comprehensive guide on it.

Keep Reading :.:

You already know things you need to create VTU Website Portal in Nigeria

I would just focus on VTU Plugin part of it.

Best VTU Portal Creator 2021 (Compared)

VTUpress is a wordpress plugin used to create simple and quick VTU Website usin Shortcode without any developer skill required.

Best VTU Portal Creator 2021

Quickly let me show you the different of a VTU Script and VTU WordPress Plugin,

VTU WordPress PluginVTU Websie Script
No Coding Skill RequiredCoding Skill Required
Pages are been created with ShortcodePages are created in php code
Unlimited WebsiteOne Website
Unlimited Custom ApiOne Custom Api
Unlimited Payment GatewaySelected Payment Gateway
Developer Support & UpdateNo Developer Support & Update
WordPress EnabledBackEnd SQL and PHP
More Functional ExtensionsNo Extension
Easy To Set UpTechnical Skill Required
More MonetilizationLimited Monetilization
Google Adsense SupportedNot Google Adsense Supported
Easy To MangeNot Too Easy
Content Management System (CMS) AddedNot For Content
Convert Airtime To CashCan Not
Download VTU Plugin

This Table would be updated from time to time ensure to subscribe to this page for more update.

In the comparision, we made VTU WordPress Plugin more Valuable than VTU Website Script (VTU Portal Creator)

But, it is not typical.

VTU Portal Creator is strict define by the features and functionality it developer add or design to it.

Note; there are lots of VTU Portal Creator software online and has different function.

The Major aspect of VTU Website is to be able to automate selling of Airtime, Data, Electricty Bill and Tv Subscription including Exam pin like WAEC and NECO.

we have Aimtoget plugin extension that is it can convert Airtime to cash

Also, give discount on products and save stress.

You should note that VTU WordPress Pugin by VTUpress is the Best VTU WordPress Plugin and the First in Nigeria.

Using plugin to create a Website is Super Awesome and Superb!

I would recommend ypu choosing VTUpress not becuase I am the Co-founder but because of the Customer support and best developer Support also.

We offer refund, so you have nothing to loose.

Using wordpress, you are open to an endless Monetilization Method and More SEO Opportunity.

Monetilization in terms of using Gogle Adsense,

Sell your other Products, either physical or digital products.

Sell Membership plan.

Your website showing on firs page of Google Search Engine when people are searching for what you sell is Amazing.

Imagine Someone Search for “How To Get Cheap MTN Data” on google

and you have written a bog post on that topic showing them how to get it on your website.

that is a huge market there.

So, I would say Best VTU Portal Creator is VTUpress.

I am not selfish here, give it a try and come back to drop your comment here.

How to Get VTUpress Plugin

The way you install other Premuim wordpress plugin is the same way you install VTUpress Plugin on WordPress

Then you can go ahead to activate,

To Download VTUpress Plugin => Click Here

Step #1: Install/Upload VTUpress Plugin.

install vtupress plugin and activate

Step #2: Add your Reseller Acess Detail or if you are using a custom api VTUpress Gold, your Api and Login detail is already added and set up.

Step #3: Add Your Selling prices.

Step #4: Choose a Custom Design that fit your Website colour.

Step #5: Fund Your Api Account And Start Selling.

To see your VTU Website Page insert VTUpress Shortcode on any page.


As simple as that and you have successfully created a VTU Website on WordPress.

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Published on June 9, 2021 @ 2:44 am

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