[Video Steps] New Hack How To Change Friend Request To Follow Button On Facebook

In this video tutorial, you will know how to change your Facebook friend request to a followers button, so people can follow you instead of sending you a friend request.

you cannot just disable “Add friend” option but you can limit who can send you friend requests.

To do that, go to facebook settings>>privacy settings>> How People Find and Contact You. Change Who can send you friend requests to “friends of friends”.

Then to enable followers, you need to go to “Public Posts” in settings and change your settings in “Who Can Follow Me” and make it “Public”.

Video Transcript

how to turn your facebook personal profile into having a follow-up button after

public friendly request public everything public when i post in a day

or two we serve i will even get one to
two likes but after doing this and converting my profile to
instance to be friends only
then cometo public posts yeah
and uh who can follow me
you sent it to public
so you can also change your facebook
username a bonus tip on this video you
should also have because of it
from having a generic name the facebook
upgrade tap then you are in facebook
updated for your profile you can just
come and change i don’t want to change
my own but you can see here once you
click on edits we are asked to put in
the name you put it without leaving a
space and you’ll be able to achieve that

piece and having a custom username

thanks for watching

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