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Digistem login, Registration Sign Up Fee and Coupon Code

See Us on Google on Your Next Search, Follow Us On Google News - VTU Script

We all know that the world is now computer based, And one of the basics of living is knowing how to make money profits online,We have many Apps from which one can make money from and Digistem is one of such app.

Apps That Pays For Referral

What is Digistem?

Digistem can be seen as an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers while also making it possible for affilliates to earn in dollars through referrals, Only digital products are allowed on the Platform.It also offers many courses like;



3.Facebook Ads Setup

4.WhatsApp Traffic Generation

5.Instagram Master Class

6.Closing and Handling of Objections And Many More.

Digistem Login and Registration 

You can either register through the websites or as an affilliates,To register through websites you have to follow the below procedures;

1.First name

2.Last name

3.A valid E-mail Address

4. Username


After supplying all the information listed above you then click on Submit, So as to submit your personal information.

Digistem Sign-up/Registration Fee

The Sign-up/Registration fee for Affilliates Digistem is now #1500 (i.e One Thousand Five Hundred Naira)

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How to Register As An Affilliate Digistem

Below are how to Register as an Affilliate on Digistem;

1. Firstly, Go to the link and click on it, you will see Click here to get it now, Click on it.

2.Proceed and input Your Card Details, Request for OTP

3.Make your Payment With the use of your Debit Card

4.After you have Paid, A Congratulatory message from Digistem would be sent to you Immediately.

5.Open the Message and click on Sign-up on the E-learning Portal

6.Once you have Signed up for E-learning, Go back to your E-mail again and click on Sign-up as an Affilliate.

7.While doing all these, Ensure you use the same E-mail, Username and Password(Use the Ones you can Remember).

Once you have Done all These, Then Click Again From Your E-mail To Join The Digitem Group.


See Us on Google on Your Next Search, Follow Us On Google News - VTU Script

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