How to share data with a glo subscriber

glo data
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How to share data with a glo subscriber.

You may been using or having two glo
sim card or may want to share data
With your other glo sim or want to
Share data with another glo subscribers
In These blog post how to share data with
A glo subscriber was written for you so you know
How to step the steps involved
These method only works for glo subscriber
Other method for other network like airtel, mtn
9mobile has their way of sharing data
In these blog post titled
How to share data with a glo subscriber
What we will cover in the course of discus
Are as listed below

1.What is globacom (glo)

2.Some list of numbers that are glo number

3.How to share data to other glo subscriber or data

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What is globacom
It is a mobile tele commutation network
Own by a Nigeria name Adenegua

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Some list of numbers that are glo number

How to share data with a glo subscriber.

Sharing data with a follow glo subscriber
or glo data sharing is not as hard as you
think or have thought just some simple step
There is no need to contact your customer
Care as we provide you with the step by step
Guide of doing thing all by yourself

First thing first make sure you have a data plan
That is worth sharing with another glo subscriber
If you don’t have then subscribe
To any of their subscribers

If you don’t know how to subscribe to a plan
Their first of all you dial



Dial *777#

In the pop up message
Enter 1 as the reply
Which means respect data
Then is returns another set of instructions
From the set of instructions
Input 1 which means buy data


glo data

It then display an option of
Auto renewal or not

Then click you preference
Then the price and data value
Display you then pick any one of your choice.

how to share that data with another glo subscribers
The process is same as the above just that you
Take another direction of sharing and not buying data
I’m these cases
So let start the process from the start
Dial *777#

Then the option as listed in the picture appears
Then enter share data plan
And the option displays
Of share or I unshare

Share and unshare


Input the share with the number close to it

And it them prompt you to input your
Number you want to share data with
after entering the number that is all
congratulation you have successfully share
data with a follow glo subscriber.


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