How To Become A Blogger in Nigeria

It is easy to explain How To Become A Blogger in Nigeria, but the process to become a successful blogger is not as easy as Google tells you.

Before you can become a blogger, you need to start a blog (create a blog).

Here what you should know, Who is a Blogger.

Who is a Blogger?

As defined, A Blogger is the owner of a blog or that manages blogs.

You do not need to be certificated or licenced to become a blogger anywhere in the world.

Who Is The Best Blogger in Nigeria

Google can give you the list of Best Blogger(s) in Nigeria, but there is no best blogger in Nigeria.

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With my experience in blogging, Best blogger can only be choosing from their niche, not in the general blogosphere.

A blogger can be good for Travel blog and not good for insurance blog.

Yes, one aspect is to find your Niche part and become the best in it.

Here is a list of Best and Popular Bloggers in their various niches.

Best Blogger in Nigeria 2022

Best Blogger in Nigeria (Blog Name)Niche (Category)
Insta9jaEntertainment & News
Bella NaijaFashion
WaploadedVideo Blog
NaijaTechGuideTech Review
Entrepreneur NGBusiness
LegacyTipsMMO Reviews

Is Blogging Profitable in Nigeria

As a blogger, I will say yes, and it also depends on how you want to monetize your blog and why you blog.

But, let me give you a general method of how to make money blogging.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid in Nigeria

We as a blogger get paid in different method and ways, while most blog do not make money at all (yet).

Starting a blog is not a guarantee to get paid or earn from your blog.

It is just like creating a Facebook page that allow you to post what you like.

The difference is you have full control of the platform and what you post.

Just like the way people make money from YouTube Videos, that is almost the same way bloggers make money and get paid.

But, a blog has more earning possibility than a YouTube channel.

Someone will be asking now how much does blogs make?


It totally depends on the owner.

Bloggers Get Paid in Nigeria through;

  • Ad Network (Google AdSense).
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Selling Digital Product.

And Direct advert placement or sponsorship.

Who Is The First Blogger in Nigeria

According to research conducted by our internal team, research shows that Linda Ikeji is the first female blogger in Nigeria.

How to become a blogger on opera news

If you do not have money to run and manage your blog, you can work for other platforms like the Opera News and others.

Alternatively, start with Google Blogger (Blogspot). is a platform that allow you to start blogging for free without paying for web hosting or domain name.

You will have a subdomain name like

If you want to change from

Then you will have to pay for custom domain name like

Which might cost you up to 5,000 naira/per year for .COM extension

Or 1,500 for

There are other domain name extensions with different prices.

How To Be A Successful Blogger in Nigeria

As I say, no best blogger in Nigeria, rather successful bloggers in various niche.

To be a successful blogger, you need to understand your Niche very well and build your site professionally.

How can I be a successful blogger in Nigeria, you become a success when you now have a steady income flow from your blog and get lots of traffic to your blog on daily basis.

There are things you will have to master and get to understand their meanings.

Terminology in Blogging

Niche = Category of your blog.

Domain Name = address link to your blog on the internet.

Web Hosting = Store Server Where your content is stored and served.

URL = Specific link to your blog.

For further reading, consider to check the blogging

Blogging Glossary Terms for Beginners

In blogging, there are two major platforms to start a profitable blog career.

Blogspot and WordPress

As I have already explained, Blogspot earlier and what it will cost you to start.

Let see for WordPress.

WordPress is the best self-host blogging CMS (Content Management System) with a lot of extendable features and can also be used to create Website for business and other purpose.

That will lead us to How To Start A Blog or Create a WordPress Blog.

How To Start A Blog

In order to start a blog, you need to create one yourself or someone can create it for you.

We can create a professional blog for you – if you want Dosuggest Team to create your blog, kindly contact us on WhatsApp; +2347055487338

But if you decide to create it yourself, here are some helpful resource to help you get started.

How To Become A Blogger (For Beginners Only)

First, decide on the name your site will be called and category your blog will be.

That is, you have chosen a domain name and niche.

Consider and make a budget of how much you are ready to invest in your new blogging journey, which includes domain name purchase and web hosting.

On a professional perspective, pick a domain name that the .COM is available and is not too long to spell and pronounce.

Keep and make your domain name short and simple.

Research show that site with short URL are easily remembered than site with long URL.

Trying to figure out a domain name, you can use our Business Name Generator Tool

Once you have, find and decide on a domain name. You can now decide on which web hosting company to use.

If you stay in Nigeria, it is on a considerate angle to use a web hosting that allow you to pay in Naira (Nigeria Currency).

Using a foreign hosting will make you pay for exchange rate from dollar to naira, and you know how the exchange rate increase every day.

If you have good budget, you can go for foreign web hosting like Namecheap, Bluehost and any other good one.

However, if you are the budget type and want to use a Naira payment web hosting.

We have use and have experience with the top web hosting company in Nigeria.

Have use and see the issue with WhoGoHost and will never recommend it to anyone with the goal of running a profitable blog on a long term scale.

Nigeria Web Hosting (Pros and Cons)

how can i be a successful blogger in nigeria

WhoGoHost Review

When we launch our first blog on WordPress Self hosted, we were using WhoGoHost and our site encounter lots of critical error and server issues.

We contacted their support team which they resolve and gave us an option of getting additional CPU and core processor, which we purchase from them, but till encounter same or higher issues.

Thinking it was from our plan with them, we upgraded to their highest plan – Supreme Hosting, but still face same issues and downtime.

We just have to move to a better host and truehost was the option, before we started using WhoGoHost.

how can i be a successful blogger in nigeria

We use a foreign host called iPage and their hosting was good and top-notch, but when it was time for renewing our hosting.

The initial price we pay was small signing up, but the renewal was like X10 of the initial price.

And for the fact that back then, I was not financially stable and the rate between dollar and naira is high, I have to find Web hosting I can pay in Naira directly before I was introduced to WhoGoHost by a friend of mine.

I felt that their service was awesome then and price is fair, but as Truehost came into the game of Web hosting.

Their price beat almost all top Web hosting in Nigeria and in Africa.

The reason for my conclusion is that I use guarantor hosting for one of my client and their support and service was the most frustrating service ever.

Then I moved my client to Speedyhost and theirs was out of point.

Use a different interface, not Control Panel.

When I started using TrueHost, I was very happy because most things that were not in other web hosting like server limit and bandwidth was unlimited in Truehost.

In fact, that made my wrote my honest Truehost Review here.

how can i be a successful blogger in nigeria

TrueHost Review For Web Hosting

Before I moved fully using Truehost for WordPress Hosting, I have to test them with another site and see how their customer service is and server uptime.

Even though I encounter issues and reach out to them, they resolve it fast, and I was happy.

Later moved all my sites to truehost and had to upgrade in the plan I was in.

I upgraded to the highest plan and along the line, I encountered a major issue.

Which their support help me resolve it and move me to another server in Truehost and since then, I have never experienced downtime or any WordPress issues.

That is why as a beginner and non-techy individual that want to make money online from his/her site should use Truehost.

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