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Whatsapp is the most simple and popular Message chatting Mobile App, only people you have in your contact or you share your contact with that can see and chat with you or view your status. But let see how to monetize whatsapp for money.

Whatsapp has two official App for use:

Whatsapp Business,

Whatsapp Messenger.

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I guess you are familiar with Whatsapp Messenger (the regular Whatsapp App).

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But, Whatsapp Business is for Business purpose.


You can still make money with Whatsapp Messenger, but to seperate pleasure from Business.


Get the Whatsapp Business App and use a different number.


on a general note,


Be Ready For Business opportunity,


You can see Online Business Ideas in 2022.


I wrote a post on How To make money blogging in Nigeria 2022 for student and anyone.


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Got lot of contact on your Whatsapp Messenger, convert it to Bulk SMS Contact and start sending Bulk SMS for Brand.

Want to learn more about Bulk SMS Contact?

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Back to whatsapp monetization topic,

I would like you to take Chris Anni Whatsapp Monetization Course


Lets know a litt more about this Whatsapp Monetization Course.

Meet Your Teacher

whatsapp monetization

Chris Ani is an insightful teacher, author, entrepreneur, startup advisor, cryptotrader and investor.

Chris Ani is passionate about helping people create wealth and achieve success. He is the founder of Daba.school, the premier platform from Africa for Digital and high income skill education with students in over 6 nations.

In 2017 Chris Ani pioneered the Cryptohub.club, the first platform in Nigeria for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency education with monthly web visitors from over 40 nations.


About Whatsapp Monetization Course By Chris Anni



Why Whatsapp?

    • Official statistics reveal that an average WhatsApp user opens the app 23 times or more in a day, roughly once every hour.

    • WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and others

    • There are more than 29 million messages sent per minute on WhatsApp.

    • WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in Africa.

    • More than 29 Million Messages are Sent Every Minute a Whatsapp

    • WhatsApp is the most active social media platform in Nigeria with over 50million users, even grandma’s use Whatsapp to send those long broadcast (lol)

    • 70% of WhatsApp users check the app daily. WhatsApp has one of the largest bases of daily active users, as 70% of those registered use it without skipping a day.( Washington Post)

    • Whatsapp is the most popular platform used in the country, with over 90 million users.

    • WhatsApp is the Third Most Downloaded Android App in the world.

  • On average,1 million people register on WhatsApp daily. (Dustn.tv)

The Big question here is..You want to make money from your whatsapp? You’re tired of just chatting and not getting paid to chat right? Well who wouldn’t? You see, whatsapp has gone beyond just chatting and sending stickers.People make real money from whatsapp just as you have seen on this page.

So if you want to learn the exact steps they took. If you want to copy the exact system they used, apply it and make huge money for yourself. Then there’s just one thing you need.. this course!

Click the link below Enrol For the Course Now.


Get Chris Anni Whatsapp Money Course


See you inside !

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