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Looking for a country that gets the highest AdSense CPC (Cost-Per-Click) earnings and best blogging niche to start,

In this tutorial, you would see for yourself how to start a blog in Australia even if you are not in Australia.

This method will work for any country and help you choose the best niche in blogging.

The reason many start blogging and quit before they start making money is because they start the wrong way and want quick money from the blog.

Is it possible to get rich quick with blogging?


Here is HOW.


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If you want to start making money from your blog from day 1 without delay, you have to implement the Business Approach to Blogging not the hobbyist style.

There are requirements to start the business of blogging, I will tell you for free here.

  • Product/Service.
  • SEO Skill.
  • Marketing Budget.

Yes, if you want to make quick money in blogging. You need money (Marketing Budget) to promote your blog quick and get more traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a free traffic method that can help your blog get traffic from search engine like Google and Bing without spending money.

Let me show you why I first mention those requirements instead of listing web hosting and getting a domain name to start your blog.

I call this way of starting a blog Success Approach Techniques.

What is the Success Approach Techniques all about and why you should apply it to your blogging checklist in 2022.



When I first started blogging in 2016, using Blogspot – a free google blogger CMS platform.

I blog the wrong way and expect to make money, after two years I never made any money from my blog even when I got approved by Google AdSense.

My total earnings after 1 year was $5.

Lol! 🙂

I search on Google How To Make Money Blogging, but I got confuse because all result I found are saying the same thing.

You can make money from AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Advert.

Google AdSense I have added to my site, still do not make money, I also added Affiliate marketing program but yet no result of any earnings.

My site hardly get 100-page views not less go to meet business brand for sponsored advert.

I almost concluded that blogging is not for me,

Until I was showed and implement the Success Approach Techniques.

Which I will also show you how it works.

If you have already created your blog and still not making money from it.

This is the major reason you should listen to me now.

For the sake of a complete novice to the blogosphere, I will explain the fundamentals of Blogging.

What You Need To Start A Blog

  • Niche.
  • Domain Name.
  • Web Host.
  • Content Management System.

Choose A Niche – Micro Niche

A Niche is the type of category your blog is about, it can be on Finance, Business, Event, Travel, Tech and Reviews.

Choose a niche you can run as a business on a long term, not what you like to do but what you can monetize on a long term.

This is one major mistake most new bloggers make.

Also, do not make your blog tied to your personal name or do multi-niche blog.

Micro Niche Blogging will make you stand like an Authority and know how to grow your blog fast.

Find a topic that has huge buying potential than a niche that has huge traffic.

I know that you make money from traffic using AdSense or any Ad Display Network.

If you follow the traffic niche alone, and you are not getting traffic as expected, your blog will fail.

But if you follow the buying niche, even with small traffic, you will still make money.

Now, if you are able to pick a good niche. It is time to think of the Domain Name (Name your blog will be called).

Pick A Domain Name

Try to make it meaningful yet simple name that is easy to remember anytime.

Short and Sweet.

A Domain Name is the name your blog site is called, and it is unique to only a single address that is with a domain name extension such as a .com, .net, .online or .store

There are thousands of domain name extension you can pick from in case your desire domain name is already taken with a domain name extension.

Pick a common domain name extension to make it reachable and not mistaken by wrong links.

If you finally decide on your domain name, you can check for domain name availability and get all its domain extensions. If possible.

Redirect all other domain name extension to your main domain name.

For a good recommendation, pick a domain that has a .com available.

If your niche and focus will be specific to your country, for those that want to know How To Start A Blog in Australia.

Make it end with your country level domain name extension, like either .au or

.AU is an Australia country domain name that signify it specific to Australia.

Topic cover in such blogs are usually about Australia related matters.

Use Best Web Hosting (Host)

I will deliberate on this more because a successful blog with poor hosting is heading to the land of no return.

I have experience this first hand using cheap hosting in my country,

There are good hosts and also bad hosts, do ensure you see outside review of customers not just on their website but from review of people who have use it before or are still using it.

Example of quality host is Namecheap, Comtabo and Truehost (Africa Host).

One of the worst hosting I have experience with is WhoGoHost even on their highest hosting plan, you will still face site issues and downtime.

See my Truehost Review

Your host must be very good in uptime and have good customer support.

Which ever web host you choose, to ensure you have unlimited bandwidth and resource space.

WordPress depends on the power of plugin to get the most out of it, WordPress Plugin consume lots of space on server including your images and pages.

Content Management System & Security

People care less for security because they do not know the negative aspect, as for C.M.S it is more profitable if you choose WordPress (Self Hosted).

Majority of blogs and website uses WordPress and you have full control over it.

After you have got your hosting and domain name, install WordPress and then purchase an SSL certificate for security.

Another thing new beginners do not include as require is site speed and design.

Let me do not overcomplicate things.

Work on your site theme design both on desktop and Mobile view, then work more on getting the maximum speed for your website.

Here is a tutorial I show you how we got our website loading fast using a WordPress Plugin.

Read: One WordPress Plugin To Increase Website Loading Speed (100%)

By now, you might have posted some post article on your blog.

You have to also optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Get Your Site Ready For Google SEO

Google is the most powerful search with over billions of visitors daily, get your site ready for SEO and User Experience.

You have to learn some basic SEO skill, we have a free course you can learn and Master SEO as a beginner.

Ensure you create and summit your site to Google Search Console and Analytics.

Since you are using WordPress, Install and set up Rank Math SEO plugin to help improve your site technical SEO.

All these are just the basic necessary things you need to Start A Blog in Australia.

Got some traffic and want to know how to Start A Blog in Australia, to make money?

How To Start A Blog in Australia

Back to the Success Approach Techniques.

Did you still remember,

In order to get High AdSense CPC, your niche must be a buyers’ keyword niche.

Which you can get if you follow my teaching, choosing a micro-niche.

Again, here is what you will need

Your Product/Service.
SEO Skill.
Marketing Budget.

Then, you can apply for AdSense if you want, but not compulsory.

Published on March 28, 2022 @ 8:26 pm

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)