get Fast Website Loading Speed

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Your website loading speed can affect your Google AdSense Earnings and Pageviews, we want to show you plugin to increase website loading speed in wordpress.

First of all, why is Website loading speed important and should also be a critical factor to look into.

it would be a critical factor on your;

  • Google AdSense Earnings.
  • Google Ranking Factors.
  • Google Search Console.

In fact, Google see page speed as a major factor for the general health checker for your website in everything.

On a normal, if I search on google for a keyword and your site show in google result.

Then I click on your website result and your website takes much time to load, I would bonce back and look for another faster loading website to get my answer.

No time to waste time. LOL!


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The fact is to be available and also timely.

That is why I recommend that your site should be super-fast loading (speed of light),

How Can I Make WordPress Site Load Faster?

There are some well know factors that makes wordpress site load very slow.
Theme, Plugin, Image Weight, Hosting and others.
Here is a checklist to do to ensure your website load fast.

* Update Out-Dated WordPress Plugin.
* Install A Clean Fast Loading WordPress Theme.
* Check How Your Host Server Loads Your Website.
* Update Your Installed Theme And WordPress Version.

get Fast Website Loading Speed
vtuscript mobile page loading speed by pages speed insight

On Mobile, my website loads 94% in performance according to PageSpeed Insights By Google.

While on Web, it loading speed is 100%.

After I implement what I’m about to show you in this tutorial.

get Fast Website Loading Speed

What is PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved.

PageSpeed Insights Performance score

At the top of the section, PSI provides a score which summarizes the page’s simulated performance. This score is determined by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze diagnostic information about the page. A score of 90 or above is considered good. 50 to 90 is a score that needs improvement, and below 50 is considered poor.

Their is another tool called GTmetrix.

GTmetrix is a website speed check tool that allows you to see how fast your website loads. Website speed is more important than ever now because people have very short attention span.

Here is a snapshot of GTmetrix grade.

See how GTmetrix Grade

get Fast Website Loading Speed

Please note that result do vary depending on your network speed and website hosting used.

I did same speed optimization on two different website,

Here is what I found out;

get Fast Website Loading Speed

I analyze with and compare both result,

with same speed optimization the two website came out with different report.

But I believe it is because has much image and google AdSense advert.

However, both website loading speed is still impressive to start with.

VTUscript 91%

Dosuggest 97%

Can you remember when I said google see site from 50 and above as good.


After same Speed Optimization, both are loading very fast above 90%.

Now, What is the secret.

What WordPress Plugin To Increase Website Loading Speed.

No Big Technical Secret, I used WP Rocket Plugin.

Wordpress Plugin To Make Website Load Faster: WP Rocket

WP Rocket is not a free wordpress plugin and it has pricing and features, WP Rocket Alternatives has a free download and use version.

WP Rocket instantly improves your site’s performance and Core Web Vitals scores.

From my research, after using W3Total Cache and other Cache wordpress plugin that promises speed loading.

WP Rocket is the most powerful web performance plugin in the world. It will instantly reduce your load time and boost your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores. No coding skills needed.

WP Rocket for Bloggers

Did you know that, as page load time goes from 1 to 5 seconds, the probability of bounce rate increases 90%?

After spending so much energy creating stellar content, don’t make your visitors abandon your pages because of slow loading times!

That’s why a powerful caching system is at the core of every fast blog.

With WP Rocket, improving your blog’s speed is automatic: you can deliver outstanding results to your readers without touching the code.

web performance improves conversions and revenue, remember what I told you before about fast loading website increases your earnings.

Faster Blog, More Page Views = More Earnings.

I won’t say for sure,

Google and other search engines push faster sites up the rankings.

Another thing that makes people afraid of Cache Plugin is Compatibility.

WP Rocket is Compatible with Your Favorite Themes and Plugins

You can use Divi, Elementor, Yoast SEO, image carousels, social widgets, and all other popular blog themes and plugins without any worries.

Caching makes your loading site ultra-fast. WP Rocket caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them readily available for future visitors.

LazyLoad for Images, Iframes, and Videos

Images or Iframes load on the page only when users need to display them. This saves bandwidth, and users can browse the site a lot faster.

Speed should be one of the priorities for every eCommerce website also.

eCommerce Optimization

Your eCommerce will run fast and smoothly: WP Rocket excludes sensitive pages from the cache. No interference in the purchasing process.

Now you know what you the best wordpress plugin to use to boost your site loading speed both on blogs and ecommerce website, you may want to know how to download WP Rocket Plugin.

We made mention of this awesome plugin not been free at any level, see WP Rocket pricing.

WP Rocket Pricing

get Fast Website Loading Speed

WP Rocket pricing start at $49/year for single website and $99/year for 3 website on plus plan.

Then, if you an digital agency like me 🙂

You can go for Infinite Plan ($249/year).

If you are not in tier 1 counties, this pricing would be super expensive in your local currency over exchange rate.

This is not to discourage you, if you can afford it no problem!

For newbies with low budget that are managing to pay their hosting renewal fee and domain name subscription.

I guess this is a no go option for them.

That is why,

I want to give you WP Rocket at an affordable price (discounted) for unlimited site.

do not worry, WP Rocket Plugin has same WordPress Plugin Installation Method.

So, how can you download WP Rocket Plugin.

How To Download WP Rocket Plugin

I would give you access to download and use WP Rocket with making a commitment of a one time payment and be added to the unlimited website package.

Want To Get Access To Download WP Rocket?

Get WP Rocket Here.

If you download it and unable to set it up or install it, I can do that for you.

And your website or blog start loading like flash.

Over to you, are you going to start using WP Rocket now.

Or are you using it already, what is your success story or challenge?

Do drop your comment in the comment section and I would reply you ASAP.

Published on March 10, 2022 @ 11:00 am

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)