kuda referral program

kudabank is a virtual online banking system that has been the choice and popular online bank for Nigerians (THE BANK OF THE FREE). that has made so many of it’s customers want to get paid referrering others to kuda through the KUDA REFERRAL PROGRAM.

Does Kuda Pay For Referral

In this tutorial, you will get to know more about the KudaBank refer a friend and earn program. Just as every affiliate program. Kuda has a commission (KUDA REFERRAL PROGRAM) they pay you for referral you send to them to download the kuda app or create kuda bank account.

kuda referral program
Kuda Bank

Let get to know what is kuda bank and what they do.

(According to Wikipedia)

Kuda Bank formerly know askudi money, is a london based start up and a digital only bank operating in Nigeria since 2017.

Then, renamed as Kuda Bank in 2019.

Who owns Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank CEO and Founders

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it was founded by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha.

When was Kuda Bank Founded

Kuda Bank was founded in 2016.

Kuda Bank WhatsApp Number

From Kuda official website, we did not find any kuda whatsapp number but we found a call number which is 01 633 5822

What is Kuda Referral Program (How It Works)

Referring your friends used to mean getting extra free transfers but Kuda has evolve to new level to pay you for referring customers to them.

Kuda way of rewarding people who actively refer customer to them.

How To Join Kuda Referral Program

Quite easy:

1. Open a Kuda account by downloading the app on Google Play or the App Store and signing up with your email address, phone number and a photo of your face.

2. Upgrade your account with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a valid government-issued ID card (your voter’s card, driver’s license, national ID card or international passport).

3. Go to kudabank.com/partner and fill in your Kuda account number, your location and the area you’ll be referring Kuda.

Then, Kuda will call you to give you a few tips and you can start sharing your referral link and making money.

How To Withdraw From Kuda Referral Program

you’ll be paid for all the referrals you make in a week at the end of that week. That’s a lump sum that goes straight to your Kuda account.

Terms And Conditions Of Kuda Referral Program

  • A referral is counted when an account is opened through your referral link. Opening an account means downloading Kuda and signing up.
  • You won’t get free transfers for referrals but anybody who opens a Kuda account through your referral link will get ten free transfers.

What Are The New Referral Rules?

  • Everyone you refer must sign up with your referral code. Tap More at the bottom of your Kuda dashboard then tap Referrals to see your code and share it.
  • You must add your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to get paid for referrals.
  • For referrals to count for you, everyone you refer must add their BVN when they’re signing up. They must also add a minimum of 100 naira to their new Kuda account.
  • We will pay you 200 naira for each of your referrals.

What Has Changed?

  • Instead of giving you 10 free transfers for each person who joins Kuda through you, we’ll send you 200 naira.
  • Kuda no longer have a partner program — there’s no extra step to making money from referrals.
  • You now have a referral code you can share with people you know.
  • Kuda Bank added a referral tracker to show you how many people sign up with your code and how much they’ve paid you.

Video: How To Get Free Transfer On Kuda Bank

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