Make Money Blogging In Nigeria

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Do you have a blog or looking for where to learn blogging in Nigeria, to find out How To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria.

Here is the simple quick Truth about blogging,


All you have to first do is to know How To Make Money Blogging as a Beginner.

that is why I want to give you actual things to do and the right plugin to install in order to start maiking money,

Just Follow Me.

So, What are the first important plugin to Install after Creating your WordPress site,


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WordPress Plugin are Application software that extend the functionality of your wordpress site and makes work less EASY.

You can not make money from your Website/blog without Promoting it And Can Not Promote your Blog without Money.

Money Is Important.

I Would be very RAW about How Exactly You Should Make Money Blogging.

Nobody ever told me this as I am going to teach you.

Make Money Blogging: Four Important WordPress Plugin To Install

I guess you have master blogging and there is no need to start explaining wha is a WordPress Plugin to you.

Straight to Business, How To Make Money Blogging.

We all know how Hard it is to make money online without scamming anyone,

But anyone who is not making money bloging is lossing money blogging.

You can’t be blogging and for a whole month you do not make at least 1,000 naira.

Abeg beta Quit O.

However, I am not here to discourage you from Blogging but to Open you eyes to the Possibility of Makig Money Blogging today.

Even if you know these I am about to show you before, If you are not putting them to Work.

Please SHUT UP and LEARN. 🙂

Haven’t started a blog yet?

Here is what you should do before we start,

Get a Web Hosting and Domain Name from Here

and what this Video below.

After Instaling WordPress to your Domain Name,

Some Default plugin would be Install along side such as Yoast SEO, Askima, Wp Cache and oer few.

Those are useful but it is not the main business here.

Here are WordPress Plugin you should consider Installing:

Someone would say I do not put Google Adsense or Propeller Ads Plugin.


Google Adsense is not a reliable way to make money blogging in Nigeria.

Low CPC, CRM and quick to policy violation that can lead to BANNED.

like Invalid Click Wahala 🙁

Not like is not possible to make money with Ads but it just the smallest aspect of it.

unless someone CUT SOAP 4 U!

Generic, 9ja CPC is Low – No Matter Your Niche.

Using Woocommerce Plugin

make money blogging: using woocommerce

Woocommerce is free to use and basically do not have any limit of number of products to post or number of customer to have per site,

that is why Woocommerce is best recommended for creating Online Store.

Here are some ways you can make money from using woocommerce plugin;

  • Sell Product.
  • Sell Subscription.
  • Sell Booking.
  • DropShipping

You can sell digital products with woocommerce or offer virtual service.

See How To Create VTU Website With WordPress

Woocommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin used in wordpress,

Either you want to sell your physical products or promote someone else product, woocommerce is the best plug.

It support over all country currency including Naira.

You can also use woocommerce to sell Digital Products or Virtual product.

Woocommerce keep record of all sales and refund made automatically or manually.

You can also use it to promote affiliate product but it is not a robust plugin for promote affiliate business , it can track number of click and affiliate sales or commission.

 In our next section, we would see the right plugin to promote affiliate business.

Using thirstyAffiliate

ThirstyAffiliate is a robust affiliate management plugin that rewrite long affiliate link instead of using short url link tool, it makes the link easy to remember and uses your custom domain name, it tracks clicks and on the premium version, also try conversion.

So if you are good in affiliate marketing online, then thirsty affiliate is for you.

Using LifterLMS

LifterLMS is a learning management system for WordPress desired to handle courses, lesson, quiz, assignments, certificate and students. If you are a coach, mentor or a just want to teach your expertise, LifterLMS is for you.

Using VTUpress

VTUpress is the first ever VTU wordpress plugin and you can make money by using VTUpress on your website or selling VTUpress activation code.

You get paid per successful sales you made or you resell VTUpress plugin and manage your customers yourself.

To Learn more about VTUpress – Go to

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Published on June 26, 2021 @ 12:09 am

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