Add Aminated Stickers To WhatsApp Without App: Step By Step Guide To Make WhatsApp Stickers On PC

Add WhatsApp Stickers On PC

By the End of this tutorial, you would find out ; how to create and add your own animated WhatsApp Stickers to chat without using other app not owned by WhatsApp. In fact, you would know how to create your own WhatsApp Stickers and Make Money.

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Want to Make Your Own Animated WhatsApp Stickers and Non-Animated WhatsApp Stickers on PC or Phone.

In this tutorial, you would learn how to Make WhatsApp Stickers On PC.


Users can create stickers from the same window they use to send stickers to their contacts.

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“Sticker Maker is available now on WhatsApp for Web and rolling out in the coming week on Desktop.


To use Sticker Maker,

download the latest version of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop, from a chat window select the attachments icon (paperclip),


then the Sticker icon, and from there you can upload a photo and make your own magic,” the company said in a press release.


In order to create your own custom Whatsapp sticker, follow this simple steps:


1. Open WhatsApp, then open any chat.

2. Click attach (paperclip icon).

3. Select Stickers

4. Upload a photo and make your own sticker with a variety of options for text and effects..

5. Click the send button when done


WhatsApp has given tools like the ability to doodle, add text, crop, and add emojis to the custom stickers that users will create.


It is not known when these features will be rolled out for mobile app users.


Update On Whatsapp Sticker 2022

WhatsApp has brought in a new feature that allows users to create their own custom stickers within WhatsApp Web.


The feature is rolling out for WhatsApp Web currently, and will be shipped to the WhatsApp Desktop app in the coming weeks,

the company said.


The feature was launched by the Meta-owned instant messaging platform on Wednesday, 24 November.


With the new feature, users don’t have to download third-party stickers for WhatsApp and can create stickers .

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