• I would like to know if one can combine airtime and data that is from two different sources..

    In other words, is it possible to purchase airtime vtu-press from a different source and data vtu plugin from a separate source.

  • asked a new question 5 months ago

    Please what does it take to run a VTU Website like Dataway .ng (the cost and other things)?
    How & where can you always buy those communication bundles ( like data, airtime, cable subscription, etc) to be resold to […]

  • When I click download button, nothing happen… This happen several times

  • how do i start a vtu on my website

  • asked a new question 6 months ago

    Please I want to start up a VTU business how do I go about it

  • asked a new question 6 months ago

    Please I want to make enquiries regarding the availability of licensed VTU plugin for airtime and data recharging /bills payment/result scratch cards website, and how much it is to get it

  • asked a new question 6 months ago

    I wanted to know the cost of the plugin vtupress and pay for it

  • I have trieds to install the plugin, I saw the two plugin available for >nstallation, the rest are not available. I mean bulk sms, referral and the rest.

    Please how would I get access to this. I just want to […]

  • I’ll love to buy script for a social media sharing website like gainvest. Also how do I build it on WordPress?

  • I was told I could withdraw on Wednesday or Sunday’s from 12am to 9am and am trying it but it saying withdrawal close

    I have 3 referral and 20k vm point

  • Hello, I want to build a VTU website that will need a custom API installed.

    I read from your blog that VTUPRESS plugin can help me achieve that without stress.

    How much is the plugin?

    Can I see a video […]

  • What I mean as u can see here I have 19950 vmpoints.

    I have 3 referrals will I cashout all the vmpoints tomorrow? Or how much do put for the vmpoints to have successfully withdrawal since I have 3refferals?

  • I tried intigrating your api, I downloaded it but it was not working…
    What can do, I want to be using your API…

  • I withdrawal my VM point on videomine Last month but I never see any alert and it’s even more than 15k same again today 25th this month when I try to place my withdrawal it only shows withdrawal closed since 5am […]

  • How i do place withdrawal I videomine,

    When exactly is the withdrawal for individual on video mine, the time every 25th of each month.

  • I want to withdraw it writing withdraw closed

  • Hello Vtuscript,

    I want to know how to get vtu script and how to integrate API into my website

  • What are the best SEO tricks to use to outrank my competitors?

  • They are now visualized drawers in approximately severe and fanatical drawers. It is a must to traverse through the unbelievable and subtle test graduate that you’ll allot on the flood. Breakups lay old […]

  • Wanted to know if after paying the subscription/fee and I have it hosted, what would need to be done again? do i have to purchase the vtu product in bulk from a merchant or it comes with the vtupress plugin.