The Glo Night Plan is a low-cost temporary mobile data plan from Globacom, available to users in Nigeria and Ghana. Many do ask How To Check Glo Night Data Balance, glo night bonus balance, how long does glo night bonus last, how to check glo data balance, glo night plan 100 for 1gb code, how to check, night plan balance on airtel, how to use glo night plan during the day, how to check night plan, balance on mtn, how to unpause glo data night plan

how to check glo night data
how to check glo night data

The plan lasts only one night, and works between the hours of midnight and 5AM. Depending on which version of the plan you sign up for, you can get anywhere from 250MB to 1GB of data for the night. If you want to know how much data you have left, it’s easy to check. In this article, we’ll cover how to check your balance by text or phone call. You can also find out online or by using the Glo Café app.

How to Check Glo Night Data Balance

You can check your Glo night data balance by following these intructions.

balance on mtn
  1. Open the dialer app on your phone.
  2. Then, dial *777#
  3. Reply with “1” – Data
  4. Now, reply “4” – Check Data Balance
  5. Then, a pop-up will display on your screen stating your night data balance alongside other data balance you have left.
  6. Click OK.
  7. After some time, you will recieve another message frim glo showing your data balance and when it will expire.

How to Check Glo Night Plan Balance Using SMS

You can check your Glo night data balance via SMS (text message) by simply sending “INFO” to 127. Then, you’ll instantly receive a message from 127 stating your night data balance alongside other data balance you have left.

  1. To send a correct information to Glo
  2. Text INFO
  3. Send it to 127

How To Check Night Data Balance On Glo?

You can check your night data plan balance on Glo by

  1. dialing *777#
  2. Choose 1 for Data
  3. Choose 4 for Check Data Balance
  4. After a second your Glo night data plan balance will be displayed on your screen.

Code to Check Glo Night Data Balance

The code to check your night data balance is *127*0#, and a pop-up stating your available night data balance will show on your mobile phone screen.

How to Check Glo Night Plan Balance Using Glo App

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Apart from using code to check Glo night plan balance, and checking your Glo night bundle balance using the website, you can also view you night plan balance on the app.

All you just need to do is download the Glo Cafe app, log in sign up for new customers, then your data usage will be displayed on the app’s home screen.

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Code To Check My Glo Night Data Balance?

To check your glo night balance *127*0# is the code. After the code on your smart phone or device, you will recieve a notification stating your balance on your screen.

Check YouTube Night Data Balance On Glo

You can check Glo YouTube night data balance by simply dialing *127*0# or sending “INFO” to 127. Once you are through with the process you will recieve message from Glo showing your YouTube night data balance.


By taking this steps mentioned above one can be able to know how to check Glo night data balance. Whether using SMS, USSd code, App and so many other methods.

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