MTN 5G in Nigeria

Do you think that MTN 5G In Nigeria is safe and would be far better? Here are reviews from people who have tested it. But MTN 5G In Nigeria has No MTN 5G SIM and there are some limited number of Smartphone it support which we will list here on this page plus locations (states) you can get full 5G network.

Here is the current Limitation of MTN 5G Router in Nigeria

MTN 5G Router Price in Nigeria

MTN 5G Router (Wifi) is currently selling at a pre-order price of NGN50,000 naira on their offical Website –

glo 5g

Problem of MTN 5G Router in Nigeria

  • Do not have SIM card.
  • No In-built Battery, that is always connected to a power source.
  • 5G Only Avaliable on 7 Locations.
  • Suport Some Few Smartphones with 5G Newtwork.
  • Expensive to manage.

Benefits Of MTN 5G Router

  • 100GB Free Data.
  • Faster Download & Streaming.
  • Internet Of Things (IOT).
  • Fast Internet Speed.
  • Connect Up to 32 Device at once.

7 Locations That Have MTN 5G In Nigeria

  1. Lagos.
  2. Oyo.
  3. Borno.
  4. Kano.
  5. FCT.
  6. Owerri.
  7. Rivers.

Smartphones In Nigeria That MTN 5G Support

  • Nokia (5G).
  • Techno (5G).
  • Xiaomi (5G).
  • Samsung (5G).
  • Apple iPhone (5G).
  • Huawei
  • Infinix

MTN 5G Plan in Nigeria

MTN start rolling out of the 5g Network and a lot of people have had many questions like is it really that fast, will you suck all my data, how is the router like it’s 5g for everyone and so many other questions.

I’m going to be answering all the top questions so let’s get right into it shall we now before i delve into the questions let me touch on 5g a bit right, so 5g as we know it actually has three types of bandwidth.

there’s the mm wave which is a high band 5g it offers like the highest speed possible on 5g and by that i’m talking over one gig per second and above it’s something similar to what mkbhd showed off in this video now the second type is the mid band 5g now this is also quite fast right.

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but it obviously cannot be compared to the mm wave and finally there’s the low band 5g which is pretty Much a glorified 4g lte now it is only slightly faster than the regular 4g .

but it carries the 5g tag right now with that said let’s kick off with the first question which is is the 5g from mtn really fast and the answer is yeah it is actually fast i’m talking downloading a 2.5 gig file in less than three minutes

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but bear in mind that there are not so many people using the 5g network right now so the results Might vary, when this eventually happens now if you were to ask me i’d say that at the moment mtn is probably using the mm wave or the mid band 5g and the reason why i’m saying this is because of the results i’m getting.

So, in my location which is the integer part of lagos i was able to get an average speed of 700 mbps and sometimes it could go up to one gig per second

yeah the only thing i noticed is that the Upload speed did not really get like a major boost in speed so for a bit of context yeah i uploaded a one gig file on youtube in 30 minutes on 5g and 34 minutes on 4g

now i’m sure a lot of people might be wondering if 5g is going to you know suck all of your data for lack of a better word and the truth is it could so here’s the thing a 20 gig file downloaded will still consume the same amount of data whether you are 5g Or 4g.

Albeit at you know different speed levels but because some of these platforms like you know netflix will actually deliver the content to you based on the quality of your network you might end up streaming way more data on a 5g network than a 4g network now, this begs the question of is 5g for everyone and the answer is No.

So if you only use you know what’s up instagram, youtube and the likes then 5g might be a lot for you because on one End you might experience a major increase in speed and quality of videos you watch on these platforms but on the other end they’re going to also experience a huge drain in data and this is obviously due to the increase in quality.

However, if you download a lot online you use cloud services a lot you know you do a lot of video calls and all of that then you need 5g because it would literally change the way you Use the internet, no cap.

All right let’s talk about you know the device that can actually use 5g right now and according to mtn 5g devices from xiaomi, infinix, techno, huawei and even nokia can all access 5g right now,

meanwhile, mtn is saying that 5g phones from samsung and apple will be added to the list before the end of the year now if you own these devices that’s the iphone and samsung you can’t wait you could actually pre-order one of this so This is a 5g router from mtn.

It is actually the best when it comes to getting even the weakest 5g signal around right and for those wondering it does not come with an inbuilt battery, so it would always need to be plugged to a power source.

However mtn says that they’re planning to get backup batteries that could help supplement this so that you can use the router for a couple of hours even when it’s not plugged to light, now can the modem work even when There’s no 5g and the answer is yes it can now when there’s no 5g network the fort lights that’s the network light actually shows blue as opposed to white and at this mode you can still use it to access the internet but the speed would be at 4g instead of 5g.

You can connect this to up to 32 devices at the same time now one feature i like with this router from mtn is that it gives you suggestions on where you can you know position the router to find the Best network in your house anyways

this is currently selling for NGN50,000 Naira and it’s available in three colors also if you get one of those you’ll actually get 100 gig bonus data attached to it.

But yeah speaking of data i’m sure you all know that because of the faster speed and increase in quality 5g would require more data right but at the moment there are no specific data plans for 5g, however if you visit Router plans you can actually use one of the plans that have been listed for the 5g router but if you are using a 5g device then this will not be perfect for you.

What you need to do is visit data plans to see which of the data plans would work for your 5g device but i reckon that you might need nothing less than 100 gig and above to be able to enjoy 5g at least in a month.

So buying 2gig data for example will not cut it on 5g.

And this brings me to The last question is the 5g network from mtn available in all states?


And currently it is not for the pilot stage mtn has made 5g accessible in six states in the country

glo 5g
Unboxing MTN 5G Router

Unboxing + Set up: Okay, so what’s inside this box and how do I set it up? Inside the box, the first thing we get is the modem of course, I got this in white but you can get it in two other colours which are Yellow and Black.

The rear part of the router has a lot of ports, from the top, we have a WPS to activate that, two TS-9 external antenna ports with range up to 4,200MHz, a telephone port, 2 LAN ports in case you want to connect it to a PC and you’re actually supplied with a LAN cable out of the box and lastly, the power port. Underneath the modem is where you have the slot where your nano SIM goes into.

You need a valid Nano SIM card to be inserted underneath the Modem. You also have to register at MTN’s office.

The reset hole which is where you simply put a needle or pin inside there to Reset your Modem to factory setting, and a USB C port which doesn’t work for data storage, the text there also labels it as an input for 12.0V or 1.5Amp, we plugged this to a power bank and it didn’t charge, we also plugged it to a computer and it didn’t show up as storage so we think it’s for firmware updates.

Then to the right of it, we’ve got other details for the router name and password. The front of the modem is where we get the three signal bars, of Course for low, medium and high. The front has this Network signal light and if this Network signal light is red, it means the sim isn’t inside or you’ve not registered on the network or there’s just no signal at all, it turns blue if it’s on a 4G network and White if it’s 5G.

The WiFi Light is on, when it’s turned on, when it’s blinking it’s WPS and when it’s Off, then WiFi is off.

And the Last Light below is the power indicator to show when the modem is turned on, or turned off. We also get this power adapter for the Modem, the manual, and the nano SIM card pack, which is already inside the modem.

One thing to note is that the Modem doesn’t have an in built battery so you’ll have to rely on a stable power source.

One thing MTN did with the HyNetFlex was provide this power bank. I tested it with the 5G Modem and it lasted up to 9 hours and 30 minutes..

I think it was a brilliant move by MTN The power bank actually connects to the normal power from this point and then to the modem from here so it acts like an inverter and then lasts long when there’s no power.

I do hope that they consider it for the 5G Router, but that might make the cost higher.

Anyway, this how the router looks all round, it’s got a lot of MTN branding on it and also what looks like vents on the top.

I did check and it’s a ZTE Router which debuted in South Africa of course with MTN. Alright, that’s everything we get in the box, now let’s move straight into to the tests.

5G Tests I’ll limit this to Speed Tests, Millisecond Test or Ping for gaming and then Download a File. For my 5G speed tests, I actually tested it in 3 different locations in Lagos on the Island.

In Ikoyi area, I was getting around 800-1,000 Mbps, in Victoria Island, around Shoprite Palms, I was getting 500 – 700 Mbps, and in Lekki Phase 1, I was reaching around 700-850Mbps. This is in comparison to 4G speeds which would’t hit these marks and typical 4G barely crosses That 100Mbps mark.

So this is more than 10 times faster.

These speeds of course don’t apply to everyone, everywhere, all the time and won’t be the same in these locations but it was interesting to note.

Of course, another thing is that at night it’s always much faster and my tests were done during the day.

I tested this 5G router in a location without 5G and it even got much better speeds than I’d get on my 4G modem or SIM card.

In general, I noticed that my 4G Speeds got faster. For some reason many people also believe that MTN reduced the 4G speed because they wanted to launch 5G and just hear from the CMO: 21:13 – 5G Network doesn’t negatively impact 4G Network I mean, it doesn’t really make much sense to them to reduce something like that.

One of the questions I got a lot was about Gaming and the ms time. A good ms time is typically under 20milliseconds. That’s when it’s ultra sharp and smooth.

Between 20 and 50 is Good for Gaming and is the most common for gamers. 50 to 100 ms is fair and you may experience some lag. 100 – 300ms might give you a few instances of lagging but nothing above 300ms is not good.

If you look at the top of the speed test, you can also see a measurement for Ping. If you’re playing COD, you should see the number just at the edge of the screen right here.

You’ll see that it’s within the fair range. When I took it to Ikoyi, my tests read as low as 19ms which is fantastic and in other places I was still getting higher, even though it was below 50 which is still good for gaming. If you look at the top of the speed test, you can also see a measurement for Ping.

If you’re playing COD, you should see the number just at the edge of the screen right here. You’ll see that it’s within the fair range.

When I took it to Ikoyi, my tests read as low as 19ms which is fantastic and in other places I was still getting higher, even though it was below 50 which is still good for gaming. For PC gamers, one good way to get a good ms time and smooth gaming experience with this router is to use the included Ethernet cable so that way it doesn’t lose packet data, connection is stronger and faster and of course, close all apps running in the background.

As I mentioned, I downloaded a 2GB Game on the Playstore called Order and Chaos in around 2 minutes which is fair.

I also uploaded this 3.56 GB video up on YouTube and in 8 minutes it got to 50% and in 16 minutes and 50 seconds, it got to 100% How to Get the 5G Modem: Okay, so how do I get the 5G Modem?

The 5G modem is quite easy to get now. For convenience, the page to get it is in the first link you see in the description of this video.

Alright, once you get on the page, I’d recommend you sign in to use the website. Clicking on this text here lets you quickly view the 5G coverage location either by scrolling through it or by searching and finding your own location.

You can select the colour you want, between white, yellow and black and you can see all Of the sides. You’ll then select how many you want, and then make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions.

It basically says that pick up starts from the 19th of September on a first come first serve basis, and you should get a notification once it’s ready to pick up.

Once in your cart, you can select exactly which store is closest to you where you can pick it up from, you can also see the phone number and full address of that store.

Once you select your store and fill out your own details. You can then proceed to pay. You can pay either through card, USSD, QR or Transfer. Once this is done, you should get an email with a confirmation number.

Do note that MTN is also giving people 100GB as a pre-order bonus which is nice to see. To activate this, I’d recommend putting your 5G SIM into your phone and typing the code they give you when you get your router. That’s what I did and I got 100GB to use as well. By the way, this 5G router is capable of connecting up to 32 devices, which is quite a lot.

Asia Sohwo, MTN’s CMO also mentions in an interview that there’ll be a router exchange program later in the year so you can bring your older Modem, I believe it would be the HyNetFlex and then then receive a 5G one… probably at a discounted rate? I can’t confirm 100% but that’s cool to know.

5G Location So beyond MTN’s website now, how can you know which location has 5G coverage?

Well one simple method is to use Speedtest dot net and head to the 4th tab where it says Map, either on your Android or iPhone.

Here will show you all the areas with 5G coverage in Blue and you can see the other colours for areas with 4G and so on.

I made a video explaining this on Instagram which you can watch with the link in the description. What phones can connect to 5G? & SIM So what phones can connect to 5G and do you need a new 5G SIM card? No you don’t need a new 5G SIM card.

If you’ve got a 4G sim, you’re good to go if you’ve got a 5G enabled smartphone.

Right now, the phones that can access 5G are the Nokia, Xiaomi and TECNO 5G devices. Some Samsung users have also reported having 5G on their phone but in all, MTN is in talks for a full 5G roll out to all the others, so iPhone and Samsung users might have to wait for a bit.

Think of a media industry that will boom because now you aren’t limited by internet speed. Nigeria gets to compete on a global level and connect to the world on a level playing field. Gaming and eSports in Nigeria is something we can now start to consider or pay more attention to.

Developers and creators can really compete in the world of remote work.

Those are amazing. Disadvantages While all these are great to hear, one thing that is on everyone’s mind is, how much will this amazingness cost. Well, it will certainly be high, for my tests across four different locations, 3 with 5G coverage, I had used almost 70GB and this was within a few hours because I ran these tests over 50 times.

The other thing they mention is that there won’t be unlimited data plans which is kind of a bummer. This is mainly due to cost and you can sort of look at it like leaving the tap turned on while water is running and isn’t being used. So it’s a waste, especially financially.

MTN mentions that your existing data plans will work with 5G and that they won’t be charging more per megabyte for 5G compared to 4G, and they push for people to buy larger Data plans and sort of use them responsibly.

Video Review Of MTN 5G Router in Nigeria

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Conclusion What are your thoughts? Would you be getting a 5G router? Do you have a 5G enabled phone, do you have any question at all, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll be right there.

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