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New Glo Recharge Code To Load Card Without PIN (Fast)

If you are tired of loading all those long pin code or serial number, there is a faster to load Glo recharge card without stress, in this tutorial you will find out how to load Glo recharge with serial number, code to load Glo recharge, Glo VTU recharge and Glo Recharge Code for airtime and data.

Without wasting time, let’s crack the code and see how it works.

Many of us do not like recharging from the bank because they do not want to make the mistake doing excess recharge airtime or to avoid bank charging them VAT fee.

However, if you want ways you can recharge without stress and fast anytime. here is what you should do.

I’m a Glo user but I use it to make calls not to browse expect there is no network on  my Airtel Wifi or I feel like using Glo for any other reason.

Due to the fact that I have almost all the network in Nigeria expect for 9mobile, I do forget which recharge code for some of this networks. Thanks to Google.

I will just ask Google if there is no place where it is stated for the instruction code to use for Glo recharge.

Furthermore, I notice that 100 naira Airtime recharge for almost all the network do not carry the Glo Recharge code. Why is that so. Na because say na small money ?

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Here is the new code I found to recharge Glo successfully.

Actually, you can recharge Glo like the way you load MTN Recharge Code – *555*PIN#

or you use the new Recharge Glo Code *123*PIN#

But before you choose the one to use, you have to know the kind of Glo plan package you are.

If it is Glo Amebo, Glo Brekete or others.

For just talk and you want Glo Airtime Bonus and less call charges, then you should use the *555 to load.

Here is how:

How To Recharge Glo Amebo (Code)

Glo AMEBO is a plan that gives Glo subscribers up to five times (5X) the amount recharge with this code. Note; this added bonus is active and valid for 14days or 30 days depending on the recharge card amount you buy.

To recharge, here is the step.

  • Simply use *555*PIN# 
  • Dial the PIN you have enter like this *555*123456789345671# and press send.

NEW GLO Recharge Code To Load Airtime or Data

Then, to load normal Airtime Recharge that you can use to buy Data for subscription. Use the new code *123*PIN#

Here is the code to recharge Glo in Nigeria;

  • Dial *123*PIN# on the device (Phone).
  • Dial the PIN you have enter like this *123*123456789345671# and press send.

If you do not like to load paper recharge card, you can patronize VTU Vendors that Sell Airtime and Airtime Online.

How To Recharge Glo Data Directly With PIN

Use the same Airtime format but here is the Glo Data Code to use *223*Recharge PIN#

The value of the amount you recharge will be credit to you and your data bundle be renewed.

If you try out this code to load Glo Recharge and it is not successfully load, you should consider using Glo Card Serial Number to recharge the same amount. I will show you how to load Glo card with serial number in 2023.

How To Recharge Glo Line With Serial Number

If you are unable to recharge with the airtime pin, you can recharge with the available serial number.

How To load Glo Airtime with serial number

This mean the PIN is not compete or was erase, what you should do is to call the Glo Customer call line and call out the see serial number you see on the paper recharge.

Glo Customer Call Line is 121 or 200

How did you Recharge Todays, leave us a good commment.

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