How To Create WhatsApp Link

Do you want to create WhatsApp Link? looking for WhatsApp link shortner, whatsapp link Generator, see trusted method without ban How To Create WhatsApp Link In Nigeria for Free.

Even if you want to know how to create whatsapp link on iphone, this is the complete WhatsApp Link generator.

If you ever want to make people to send a custom message by default to you, make easy by create a WhatsApp Link. Here is How To Create WhatsApp Link in Nigeria for people who do not like to click on links.

In this tutorial, I will share steps that is not too popular but very converting if you follow my method.

So, do you want to use my method to create whatsapp link for business or WhatsApp TV status.

But if your WhatsApp is banned before now, here is the solution to use.

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How To Create WhatsApp Link

How To Create WhatsApp Link For My Number

Want to know how to create whatsapp link on iphone or andriod, here is what to do first. Ensure you have the updated version of WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business App.

For Business purpose,WhatsApp Business comes with this unique feature to allow you share your WhatsApp number to people as a link or sharing your catalog of your WhatsApp Business Shop (store).

While for those using WhatsApp Messenger, you will hardly find this because among the recent Meta policy for WhatsApp – WhatsApp is encrypted end to end.

However, there is a way to also create WhatsApp Link from any device you are using.

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Let’s talk a bit about WhatsApp and Recent Updates.

According to WhatsApp team, they claim that WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries using WhatsApp to connect with each other daily.

The name whatsapp was originated from the term What’s Up.

WhatsApp started as an alternative to SMS and now elvove to a secure reliabe messaging and calling, avaliable for all country.

With WhatsApp you can send and recieve variety of media such as photos, text, videos, document, and location, as well as voice calls and video calls,

Here is a question that get most agued all the time,

Who Is The Founder Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton who had previousy spent 20 years combined at yahoo. WhatsApp joined Facebook in 2014.

How Do I Create A WhatsApp Link With Name?

By default you can only create WhatsApp Link with number like this for WhatsApp Business,

including your country code without add any + sign and 0 for country that has network number begining with zero 0.

for example;

source is the short link to message any whatsapp number just like for facebook messenger.

There are now some third party WhatsApp integrations that allow you create and track your whatsapp short link.

Also, allow you use a custom name like this

but most services offer it as a premuim version that enables you to have a business branded link that carry your name or business name attached to the url ending.

Such service as Wa.Link has a free verion that enable you create click to chat message but some other top features like tracking the clicks and branding the link as a premuim version.

When you upgrade to the premuim version, you will have something like this.

but let me show you How Do I Create A WhatsApp Link With Name without paying for it 🙂

I use a link shortner like and combine.

That is I go to and create the default message I want and copy the generated link giving to me like this

and go to

and paste the link in the long url box and generate a link.

Then customize the link to my name or business nameif it is still avaliable or I just use something that will remind me of the channel where the link will be clicked.

here is how I do it.

How Can I Link WhatsApp Without Phone Number?

You can not create a whatsapp link without phone number but you can protect your phone number not to be public by follow my step I will show you before the end of this tutorial.

It is free and safe.

You can link whatsapp without phone number using a link shortner such as

But then, you first need to use your phone number to set default message customer will see when they click on the link.


Free Method How To Create A Business Link on Whatsapp


This method is completely free and less stressful, easy steps to follow and get whatsapp link with your name on it.

Step 1: Generate Long Whatsapp Link

Go to and create a generic whatsapp link.

Wa.Link is a Whatsapp Link Generator tool

A link like this on the image as shown here


Step 2: Using Link Shortner

Copy your long whatsapp link you created in the first step and now, go to and sign up and create a link.

In the Enter long URL box, paste the link you got from

Then click on the Create.

Bitly is a link shortner tool and it is secured.


Then, you can now customize your link to your name or business name in the Customize Back-Half section.


Like this,


Step 3: Save and Track

With this, you caneasily know the number of people that link on your link, country and device including channel they click from.

Allclickwillcome direct to your whatsapp number.


How to create WhatsApp link on iPhone

If you only have acces to your iphone or andriod, you can do this in a browser or what a Whatsapp third party app from Google Playstore or App Store.

Why Do You Need Create whatsapp link in nigeria?

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