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Here is why you should advertise on Nigeria Tech Blog And Forum

Everyday, billions and millions of people are searching on the internet for business like yours and most often as Google some key related questions about your business.

For example you have a Laptop and Phone shop in Nigeria and before most people choose the right phone to buy they google about the brand name and specs and compare among other phone brand within their budget.


Let say you have a software/ online business, we write content that target what people will search for relating to your business subquently.

If they search for question like

Top 10 WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

Nigeira Tech Blog

Our content is Search Engine Optimized and Rank On Google First page under 48hrs, also we write readers friendly content that people trust.

We have worked with some small business and make their business product grow on google organically.

Business like VTUpress


We work with you in different aspect, either in partnership or sponsorship.

That is, you can sponsor a post, category or topic.

If you have a business website or blog, we can also work on it SEO ranking on Google.

For Post/Topic Advert Placement

we add all your business neccesary contact details and if you have a website, we link to it.

However, we optimize the post for better Google Ranking which includes quality content and we doing content promotion to get more people to see your business.

You provide us with your business logo and product images to add.

We verify you are legit and have good business record.

Then, we publish your sponsored post.

We can write up to two post for your business to ensure we get google love for that your target audience searches.

Your content details are boldy writen and linked to.

for example;

Your business getting notice through our website is our #1 happiness and goal.

For Category Advert Placement

We have series of categories we cover on our blog and forum, if you know the specific target audience you may want your advert to be displayed to, you can tell us about it and we make all content on that category have your advert on it in content and post series.

Though this Ad type is usually expensive but it is very active and it is more like a long term deal.

We can create new category for your brand category or even make your business name as a category.

like for example. Tiktok

For Partnership Deal

You can partner with us and get you.r advert links and banner placed all over our website and we blog about your business regularly.

for example;

We mean business, we are not in shared hosting as every other Nigeria Tech Blog and forum are. Our website is hosted on Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting) that means we are 99.9% online and fast loading website.

That is not all, we are team of creative content creators, developers and SEO expert to give your business a boost.

SEO Work For Your Business Website

Do you have an existing ecommerce website, online store or blog and your website is not ranking on Google when people search for your topics or business.

We can make your website become visible on Google and get you the right customer your business website needs.

Want to work with our team of expert or place an advert.

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