How To Rank Your NFT ART

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From stage one, we show you how to create NFT ART with Canva and NFT Marketplace.

The most important part is How To Rank Your NFT ART on Page #1

how to market NFT

After then, our readers said they have created and listed their NFT on OpenSea, but it is not getting minted or bid on.

So, we made a tutorial to tell them possible reason Why Your NFT is Not Selling.

Now, How To Rank Your NFT ART on Page #1

Among the reasons we gave on that post, optimization was a top reason, and we think that it is more comprehensive if we make out a detailed tutorial about Search Engine Optimization relating with NFT.

OpenSea is a search engine and a marketplace for NFT.


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However, by the end of this tutorial, you will know ow To Rank Your NFT ART on Page #1.

Doing OpenSea SEO while uploading your NFT.

Even if you are a NFT Artist, you need this simple basic SEO skill to list your NFT, else nobody will see it.

But aside over thing about OpenSea SEO, you can give this free featuring and listing feature a try.

How To Get Your NFT Featured On OpenSea First Page

nft on opensea first page

In case you did not see that image very well, here is what was explained on the picture.

How To Get Featured On OpenSea Homepage For Free

Here is the few steps as stated by OpenSea Marketplace,

  1. Create your NFT on OpenSea
  2. Post a link to your NFT on Twitter or Instagram
  3. Include @OpenSea and #OpenSeaNFT in your post
  4. We’ll periodically review these NFTs and select one to feature

Be sure to follow OpenSea on Twitter and Instagram to receive updates on our featured NFTs.

Also, ensure you link your Twitter account to your OpenSea Account.

Here are OpenSea official Twitter account.

Instagram Account

opensea homepage

Here is just a long process, but I guess this my NFT SEO method I’m about to show you work for all NFT marketplace.

My first NFT art created on OpenSea rank for its keyword Shoe Of Life.

How To sell on Opensea

There are some tricks to OpenSea SEO, which I will list and briefly explain.

I team up with Blaqman Concept CEO, and we analyse top-selling NFT and discover what make them stand out.

Most of this NFT even got featured on OpenSea home page.

Here is what we found out:

Top performing NFT ART are in collections.

What is NFT Collection

NFT collection are group of NFT Art work made up of more than one artwork.

That is, try and make your NFT idea be more creative in different ways and format.

Another thing is, have necessary social media account to connect to and website to link to.

That been said, here are the Optimization tips that can help your NFT collections and asset sell fast.

  • About.
  • Description.
  • Details.
  • Favourites.
  • Item properties
  • Category

You need to add good about and use your category as keyword in the about and description section.

If you have a good following on any social media platforms, tell them to favourite your NFT listing.

Same in the detail section.

Item properties are keyword phase that if people are searching by categories will find your NFT.

Here are some top trending OpenSea categories

  • All categories (general).
  • Art.
  • Collectibles.
  • Domain Names.
  • Music.
  • Photography.
  • Sports.
  • Trading Card.
  • Utility.
  • Virtual Words

Let anything you are creating as NFT be under these categories.

Also look at the trending NFT before you create your own.

trnding NFT on Opensea

Here is another a devil’s trick,

See OpenSea transaction is public, buyer’s tend to look at past chart to see how well the NFT is doing.

If they see nobody has bid before, they either bid it very low price or do not bid at all.

Tell your friends to favourite your NFT item and bid on it.

After all, unless you accept offer before they can be debited.

(do not tell anyone that secret 🙂 )

Here are other ways to promote your NFT.

Ways To Promote NFT on OpenSea

  • Link to your social media account.
  • Make a Teaser of your NFT Artwork.
  • Add your popular and featured artwork to NFT Marketplaces.
  • Ask friends and family to support tour NFT release (using the devil’s trick I told you about).
  • Join NFT Forums and Group online.
  • Create and build your own communities.
  • Use Reddit, Medium, BitcoinTalk and Quora to promote your NFT.
  • Create a Fan page for your collections.
  • Use Press Release to get noticed.
  • Add your listing to
  • Advert your NFT on Newspaper or websites, blogs.
  • Connect and reach out to YouTubers and bloggers to talk about your collections.
  • Run Paid Ads on Facebook and Google.

In conclusion, try all method listed here and focus on what works for you.

Published on April 15, 2022 @ 4:10 am

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)