Product Keyword Research: How To Do Deep SEO Keyword Research for E-commerce Product

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Do you have a Product that you want when people search on Google for, your Product show up first. What you need to Learn and Master is Product Keyword Research.


Product Keyword Research is an in depth research you carry out about a product to know What people actively searching for to find the product,


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This is seen as Buyer Keyword and is usually difficult to achieve if the seed keyword is a broad niche like SHOE.

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If I should go deep about this topic, this post can become an entire course. I would show you major factor to choose the right Product Keyword Research to target and rank for on Google.


In my book, “Google My Product” I explained how to you can make your product rank on Google Search with for related keywords that your competitors do not think people would want to buy or ask for.


Chapter six (6): Master Product Keyword, show you how you can be specific about what you are selling not just using a general term that is over-saturated.


Long Tail Keyword is the best Keyword to target when you want to quickly rank on Google Search for any niche market.


You might be wondering what is long tail keyword.


What is Long Tail Keyword

what are long tail keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are modifiers that act as adverbial phase that best describes an adjective or verb.


Let us see examples of Long tail keyword:


Example of Long Tail Keyword

If the seed (main) keyword is Shoe, the example long tail keyword


Red Shoe,

Black Show For Men


and so many others.


It is just like using specific terms people who search for on google.

I would love to teach you more about it.


Drop A comment if you are interested to know more and get the book. (EBOOK).



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