21+ Ways To Promote Your VTU Website In Nigeria

how to promote your VTU Website

Now you have a VTU Business Website, next step is to Promote Your Business. Here is How To Promote Your VTU Business Website To Get More Users To Use your Website daily.

Creating solution for a problem is like creating anothor problem!

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I and my team recently launch VTU WordPress Plugin to help solve the problem of creating VTU Website with script but after some months of launch and people got to have a working VTU Website now with wordpress.

Next Feedback we got was;

How To Promote My VTU Website To Get More Users.

How To Make My Website Rank On Google First Page.

How To Get More Subscribers.

Right now, I feel this is the most important aspect of the Business Small Start Up should take note of. Because if you have a Business without customers coming that will lead to Business cosing down.

Before I came into the Internet & Telecom Industry, I was a Blogger.


I’m still a blogger.


So, if you want to make your website get more active traffic (visitors) and more people to sign up

You must understand how to promote your website/business by all possible means.

Promote VTU Website

How To Promote VTU Website Business

VTU website created with wordpress is easy to do Google SEO and more mobile friendly, but if yours is not created with WordPress maybe you use VTU Script, VTU Creator Software or if it was built from scratch.

No need to worry too muchm the methods you would learn fro this tutorial would enable you promote your VTU website and get more sign up.

Before I continue if you are looking for VTU WordPress Plugin, VTUpress is a wordpress plugin in Nigeria.

Ways To Promote Your VTU Website

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Forum Listing.
  3. Social Profile.
  4. Facebook Ads.
  5. Nairaland Ads.
  6. Free Traffic.
  7. GiveAway.
  8. Guest Post.
  9. Radio Broadcast.
  10. Business listing.
  11. Refer & Earn.
  12. TV Broadcast.
  13. Event Sponsoring.
  14. Bulk SMS Marketing
  15. Email Marketing
  16. Outdoor Outreach
  17. Mobile App Marketing
  18. Push Notification
  19. Twitter Trend.
  20. Telegram Channel.
  21. whatsapp Marketing.

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