How To Get My Site Backlinks Index By Google Fast

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Yes, You have built backlink to your site and want Google to Index it Fast, so you start ranking, Here is how to do it.

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Submitting URLs to Google Search Console is how to index backlinks fast. For me, this step is the best option to get your backlinks indexed faster in Google. It consists of only three simple steps.

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tool
  2. Enter the Url of the page
  3. Next, answer or solve the captcha and click the “Submit Request” button.

That’s it, and it’s that simple. You can submit up to 500 URLs per week. It is a faster way to make Google index your backlinks

. Ping your page URLs via backlink indexer tools

If submitting to the Google webmaster tool doesn’t work for you, don’t stress out because there are other ways to get backlinks indexed. In this case, your next step is to use the backlink indexer to ping your page URLs. There are free and premium backlink indexer tools you can use, including Google backlink indexer software.

Pinging is telling Google about your new blog content or sending a notification that there is an update already on your blog or website. That way, Google will send a bot or spider to re-crawl the site and update it to the latest information.

IMPORTANT Don’t over ping your URLs because it’s not going to increase your index rate.

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For example, if you ask your friend the same question repeatedly, over and over again, what happens is that he will get annoyed. The same condition applies here. The tools pretty much perform the same function. So pick one, and it will do.

Still on using backlinks indexer software to index your backlinks faster

As mentioned earlier, if, for some reason, Google does not index your backlinks after a reasonable time has elapsed, then you must use “backlink indexer.” Google would index any regular link after a considerable amount of time.

As such, the solution here is to use Backlinks Indexer to move Google to action. There are many link Indexers on the market, but I recommend Backlinks Indexer because they provide a 100% index rate.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • They will ping each link
  • Submit your page links to many authority blogs
  • Provide social signals
  • Build web 2.0 links
  • Create permanent backlinks

Here is a detailed guide from Neil Hosting on Backlinks Indexer. Notwithstanding, other powerful backlink indexer tools are:

  • Indexification
  • Pingler
  • OneHourIndexing
  • Pingdom

Index your backlinks fast by sharing your links on social media

How to get your backlinks indexed through social media? Sharing your page links on social media is essential since it helps to boost your backlinks indexing possibilities. Therefore, create a social buzz to attract other users’ attention. People will be excited and willing to know what the buzz is about. And as a result, they are going to flock around to be part of the excitement.

So, share website links to get social link juices. It will not only help you get better index rates, but social proof also brings brand trustworthiness and credibility. Notwithstanding, if you are wondering how you can share all your links, it’s possible and straightforward. But if you think you cannot do it alone, hire a freelancer to help you streamline the process. You can also buy social shares from sites like SEO Butler or SEOClerk.

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James Okwise Answered question February 13, 2022
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