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Before you upgrade to Rank Math Pro, see Rank Math Pro Price and amazing Rank Math SEO Features that your site would love you for. This is my personal experience using two different SEO Plugins on WordPress.

Rank Math is now the new king in WordPress SEO 🙂 , If you have installed the Rank Math Free download version and would like to upgrade; Here is an overview to Rank Math Pro Price.

Rank Math
Image source: Rank Math

Before now, I use Yoast for VTUscript website and I would say that most feature I would love to get like URL Redirection is premium in Yoast but when I switch to Rank Math.

URL Redirection is Free on Rank Math, this save me a lot.

Because sometimes, I might change page URL or move a content to a new post page and I would love to keep and direct all my backlinks to that new page linked to the old one.

With URL Redirection, that was super easy automatically….

We also notice a shift in our Google Ranking Position and Google AdSense Revenue after the upgrade to Rank Math


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It was less work, more result.

Here is what Change the SEO Game for us at VTUscript.

Rank Math has an amazing add-on called IndexNow

It is also a Free Rank Math Feature and many others we would show you here as we narrow down this article.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some External Links on this page contain Affiliate Links, which means, we get commission when you use our referral link to purchase a product/service from our Affiliate.

Note: This won’t affect it original price.

About Affiliate Commission: We use Affiliate Commission and Revenue generated from Ads such as Google AdSense to manage the smooth run of our Website(s) to provide you with helpful resources.

What is Rank Math IndexNow?

IndexNow is an easy way for websites owners to instantly inform search engines about the latest content changes on their website. In its simplest form, IndexNow is a simple ping so that search engines know that a URL and its content has been added, updated, or deleted, allowing search engines to quickly reflect this change in their search results.
Without IndexNow, it can take days to weeks for search engines to discover that the content has changed, as search engines don’t crawl every URL often. With IndexNow, search engines know immediately the “URLs that have changed, helping them prioritize crawl for these URLs and thereby limiting organic crawling to discover new content.”
And the see spot here is that Rank Math has Instant Indexing feature for free.

What is URL Redirection?

A URL redirect is a web server function that sends a user from one URL to another. Redirects commonly take the form of an automated redirect that uses one of a series of status codes defined within the HTTP protocol.

By the way, there are some links that are broken, but you would notice it because your focus is on other things.

Rank Math Free has a modules (Add-on) that can track 404 error pages and set URL redirections to the new link.

Making Technical SEO easy for newbies 🙂

There are other amazing Rank Math Features you would love.

Have I told you that Rank Math launched a machine that spy, yes SPY keywords.


With Rank Math Content AI, you can analyze a focus keyword and Content AI by Rank Math would give you an in depth overview of top ranking pages on what they are doing and how to do better than them.

Rank Math SEO want you to Rank Fast.

If you are giving the best SEO Plugin for your WordPress, would the Price be the Problem.

If yes, let me tell you Rank Math Pro Price and comparison with other top WordPress SEO Plugins to help you do a better buying decision.

What is Rank Math Pro Price

Rank Math Pro is Perfect For Bloggers, Individuals & Solopreneurs at an affordable price starting at $59/year excluding Value Added Tax.

Either you decide to go for the Free, Pro, Business or Agency Plan.

Here is a list of Rank Math Features;

Rank Math Features (Including Rank Math Pro Features)

Source: Rank Math Pricing Page

  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Tracked keywords
  • Free Content AI Credits
  • The Most Advanced Schema Generator
  • SEO Performance Email Reports
  • White Labelled Email Reports
  • Import Schema From Any Website
  • Speakable Schema
  • Google Trends Integration
  • Google News SEO Sitemap
  • Google Video SEO Sitemap
  • Image SEO PRO
  • Local SEO PRO With Multi Locations
  • WooCommerce SEO PRO
  • Complete EDD SEO
  • Advanced Post Filtering
  • 18 Pre-defined Schema Types
  • 6 Extra Schema Types
  • Automatic Video Detection for Video Schema
  • Support for Client Sites
  • Google Data Fetch Frequency
  • Days to Preserve Google Data
  • Email Report Frequency in Days
  • Client Management
  • Track Top 5 Winning Keywords
  • Track Top 5 Losing Keywords
  • Track Top 5 Winning Posts
  • Track Top 5 Losing Posts
  • Advanced Content SEO Overview
  • Check Ranking Keywords for Each Post
  • Position History for Keywords & Posts
  • Add Custom Schema Using JSON+LD/HTML
  • Validate Schema With Google
  • Custom Schema Builder
  • Add Unlimited Multiple Schemas
  • 840+ Schema Types Supported
  • Automate Schema Implementation
  • Dataset Schema
  • Fact Check Schema
  • Carousel Schema
  • Mentions & About Schema
  • Automatic Q&A Schema for bbPress
  • Advanced Redirections Module
  • Advanced Local SEO Blocks
  • Google AdSense Earning History
  • Import GSC & GA Data from Particular Country
  • Custom Setup Wizard Mode
  • Watermarked Social Media Images
  • Advanced Bulk Edit Options
  • Complete Import/Export Options
  • Complete Elementor Integration
  • Dedicated Elementor Breadcrumbs Widget
  • Elementor Accordion Widget to FAQ Schema
  • Complete Divi Integration
  • Divi Accordion Widget to FAQ Schema
  • Import/Export Focus Keywords
  • Import SEO Data via CSV File
  • Import Redirections Data via CSV File
  • Advanced Quick Edit Options
  • Detect Orphan Pages
  • Single Post Performance Badges
  • Automatic Video Data Fill for Video Schema
  • Track PageSpeed for Each Post & Page
  • Track SEO Performance of Individual Posts
  • Sync Redirections to .htaccess
  • Noindex Password Protected Pages
  • Export 404 Log
  • Advanced HowTo Schema
  • Mark Cloaked Links as External Links
  • Find & Replace Image alt/title/caption Text
  • Automate Image Captions
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
  • Clean User Interface
  • Simple Setup Wizard
  • Compatibility Check
  • Auto Canonical URLs
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Install Google Analytics Code
  • Anonymize IP addresses
  • Cookieless Google Analytics Tracking
  • Self-Hosted Google Analytics JS File
  • Exclude Logged-in users in GA Tracking
  • 1 Click Import From Yoast SEO
  • 1 Click Import From AIO SEO
  • 1 Click Import for SEOPress
  • Import AIO Schema Rich Snippets
  • Import from Redirection Plugin
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
  • 30+ Detailed SEO Tests
  • SEO Analysis Score
  • SEO Warnings
  • SEO Failed Tests
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Advanced Automated Image SEO Options
  • Powerful Post Optimization
  • Supports Custom Post Type
  • Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions
  • Post Preview on Google
  • Content Analysis
  • Control SEO For Single Pages
  • Control The Title
  • Control Meta Description
  • Auto Add Additional Meta Data
  • Focus Keyword
  • Control ROBOTS Meta
  • Choose a Primary Category
  • Google Keyword Suggestion
  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
  • Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
  • Internal Linking Suggestions
  • Capitalize Titles
  • Powerful XML Sitemap
  • Module Based System
  • Advanced Redirection Manager
  • Smart & Automatic Post Redirects
  • 301 Redirection Type
  • 302 Redirection Type
  • 307 Redirection Type
  • 410 Redirection Type
  • 451 Redirection Type
  • Support for Regex
  • Debug Redirections
  • Redirect Attachments to Parent
  • Simple 404 Monitor
  • Advanced 404 Monitor
  • Role Manager
  • Article Schema
  • Book Schema
  • Course Schema
  • Event Schema
  • Job Posting Schema
  • Local Business Schema
  • Music Schema
  • Person Schema
  • Product Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Restaurant Schema
  • Review Schema
  • Service Schema
  • Software/App Schema
  • Video Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • HowTo Schema
  • 193 Local Business Types
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
  • Default OpenGraph Thumbnail
  • Auto Facebook Open Graph
  • Facebook Authorship
  • FB Open Graph for Homepage
  • Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
  • Twitter Card for Homepage
  • Default Twitter Card Type
  • Social Previews
  • Default Share Image
  • Support for knowledge Graph
  • Option to get Email if Update is Available
  • Represent site as a Person
  • Represent site as a Company
  • Choose a Separator Character
  • Modify Global Meta
  • Strip Category Base
  • Search Engine Verification Tools
  • Bing Site Verification
  • Baidu Site Verification
  • Alexa Site Verification
  • Yandex Site Verification
  • Google Site Verification
  • Pinterest Site Verification
  • Norton Safe Web Site Verification
  • SEO Breadcrumbs
  • Advanced Link Options
  • Nofollow All External Image Links
  • Nofollow All External Links
  • Open External Links in New Tab
  • Ping Search Engines
  • Contact Info Shortcode
  • Compatible with EDD
  • PHP-FIG Coding Standards Used
  • Optimize Archive Pages
  • Optimize Author Archive Pages
  • .htaccess Editor
  • robots.txt Editor
  • Import/Export Settings
  • RSS Optimization
  • Add Content before RSS Feed
  • Add Content after RSS Feed
  • Version Control
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Contextual Help
  • Multisite Compatible
  • 24x7x365 Support

Extra Benefits

  •  Exclusive Facebook Club
  •  Fastest SEO Plugin
  •  SEO & Schema on Automation
  •  Advanced Technical SEO
  •  One-Click Automatic Updates
  •  Enterprise-Level Features​
  •  Affordable For Everyone
  •  Detailed Video Tutorials
  •  Dedicated Premium Support

Rank Math Modules (Explained)

Rank Math modules addon

Rank Math Modules are just like add-on that increase the functionality of Rank Math SEO Plugin, Rank Math has more powerful add-on than any top WordPress SEO Plugin.

Rank Math

Let me explain some Rank Math Modules in the free version, if you want to see more of Premium modules, consider going to Rank Math Pro Price Page


You can Connect Rank Math with Google Search Console to see the most important information from Google directly in your WordPress dashboard.


ACF support helps Rank Math SEO read and analyze content written in the Advanced Custom Fields. If your theme uses ACF, you should enable this option.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

 Rank Math work with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Rank Math automatically adds required meta tags in all the AMP pages.

404 Monitor

Records the URLs on which visitors & search engines run into 404 Errors. You can also turn on Redirections to redirect the error causing URLs to other URLs.

Image SEO

Advanced Image SEO options to supercharge your website. Automate the task of adding the ALT and Title tags to your images on the fly using Rank Math.

Content AI

Get sophisticated AI suggestions for related Keywords, Questions & Links to include in the SEO meta & Content Area. Supports 80+ Countries.

Instant Indexing

Directly notify search engines like Bing & Yandex using the IndexNow API when pages are added, updated and removed, or submit URLs manually.

Counts the total number of internal, external links, to and from links inside your posts. You can also see the same count in the Posts List Page.

Local SEO & Knowledge Graph

Dominate the search results for the local audiences by optimizing your website for Local SEO, and it also helps you to add code related to Knowledge Graph.


Redirect non-existent content easily with 301 and 302 status code. This can help improve your site ranking. Also supports many other response codes.

Schema (Structured Data)

Enable support for the structured data, which adds Schema code in your website, resulting in rich search results, better CTR and more traffic.

SEO Analysis

Let Rank Math analyze your website and your website’s content using 70+ different tests to provide tailor-made SEO Analysis to you.

Role Manager

The Role Manager allows you to use WordPress roles to control which of your site users can have edit or view access to Rank Math’s settings.


Enable Rank Math’s sitemap feature, which helps search engines intelligently crawl your website’s content. It also supports href lang tag.


Optimize WooCommerce Pages for Search Engines by adding required metadata and Product Schema, which will make your site stand out in the SERPs.

Google Web Stories

Make any Story created with the Web Stories WordPress plugin SEO-Ready with automatic support for Schema and Meta tags.

Rank Math Pro Vs Business : Who is it For?

Now you have make use of Rank Math and see the wonders of it, you want to level up your WordPress SEO Work.

It is time to Upgrade to Rank Math Pro or Rank Math Business Plan.

Rank Math Pro is for those that want to explore Rank Math SEO Plugin to the fullness and get more Organic Traffic from Google and Bing.

Rank Math has a Video module for those that upload video to their site, here is a detailed guide on YouTube Ranking Factors 2022.

However, if you want to do Keyword Research and looking for Free Keyword Research Tool. See this guide here H-SuperTools Keyword Research Tool (Beginner’s A – Z Guide)

No matter how you do SEO and keyword research, if your website do not load fast.

You would lose traffic to your competitors, See our definite guide to Increase Website Loading Speed on WordPress Using This Plugin WP Rocket

Rank Math Business ($199)

Why choose Rank Math Business; you want to work on more than one WordPress Website either yours or your client site, Rank Math Business gives you the ability to manage up to 100 different websites

  • Manage up to 100 client websites
  • Free 125 Content AI Credits
  • Track 10,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator

What about you want to start An SEO Agency and manage client websites plus more Keywords Tracking, then Rank Math Agency Plan is Right for you.

Rank Math Agency ($499)

  • Manage up to 500 client websites
  • Free 600 Content AI Credits
  • Track 50,000 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • 24/7 Priority Support

But if you want to use this SEO plugin on your site, only consider go for Rank Math Pro.

Rank Math Pro ($59)

  • Unlimited personal websites
  • Free 15 Content AI Credits
  • Track 500 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • 24/7 Support

Conclusion Rank Math Pro Price

You see that PRO is not the only paid version, from your need, you can choose which Rank Math Plan to upgrade to and use.

Would you use Agency, Business or Pro

Published on March 11, 2022 @ 6:10 am

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)