Scraped content adsense fix

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Scraped Content AdSense Fix Guide (Step By Step);

Someone messaged me saying “I applied for Google AdSense, and they rejected me because they say I have Scraped Content on my site “.

What Should I Do To Fix Scraped Content (Low Value Content)?

First, to solve this issue, you have to understand what is the meaning of “Scraped Content” and possible action to fix it permanently.

Scraped content adsense fix

So now,

What is Scraped Content

Scraped Content is also know as Low Value Content


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Content scraping, or web scraping, refers to when a bot downloads much or all of the content on a website, regardless of the website owner’s wishes. Content scraping is a form of data scraping. It is basically always carried out by automated bots. Website scraper bots can sometimes download all the content on a website in a matter of seconds.

Content scraping bots are often used to repurpose content for malicious purposes, such as duplicating the content for SEO on websites the attacker owns, violating copyrights and stealing organic traffic. Content scraping may involve filling out and submitting forms to access additional gated content, and as a byproduct this results in junk data in a company’s database. Additionally, fulfilling HTTP requests from bots takes up server resources that could otherwise be dedicated to human users.

I know how it feels when you get rejected by Google AdSense for Error.

But here is why this content is different from other Fix Scraped Content on AdSense tutorial

No Content, Scraped Content, Low Value Content has a definite method to fix it on Google AdSense.

Now, let see how to actually fix it and get Approved.

If you have gotten such mail from Google Adsense, what you should do before re-apply is just simple but technical.

AdSense Scraped Content

Draft All Your Existing Post – (Use Bulk Drafting Method)

here is what you should track

Scraped Content AdSense fix: How Does Google Detect Scraped Content (Scraped Content Checker)

You might wonder how google adsense team detect SCRAPED Content or Low Value Content on your Site,

It is simple but complicated to say exact tool use to check Scraped Content – that is, there is not 100% Scraped content checker tool.

If you copy and paste content or use a tool to fetch feeds from other people site and publish on your site,

That is a Scraped Content.

Even if you write it word for word and it is the same as similar content from another site.

It is consider as Scraped Content or Low Value Content.

Let me just reveal this secret to you.

If you are applying for Adsense, write on a Niche Topic that is not too much in production in the internet space and people are still actively searching for.

Content Topic Too Saturated on the internet is consider as COPIED without further improvement to the Subject matter (Topic) is consider as SCRAPED CONTENT

There is no real score of how google flag site content as Scraped Content but there are possibile improvement and solution to Scraped Content or Low Value Content.

Here is what Google Search Webmaters Developer Said:

Google Definition Of Scraped Content

Some website owners use content taken (“scraped”) from other, more reputable sites on the assumption that increasing the volume of pages on their site is a good long-term strategy, regardless of the relevance or uniqueness of that content. Purely scraped content, even from high-quality sources, may not provide any added value to your users without additional useful services or content provided by your site; it may also constitute copyright infringement in some cases. It’s worthwhile to take the time to create original content that sets your site apart. This will keep your visitors coming back and will provide more useful results for users searching on Google.

Some examples of scraping include:

  • Sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value
  • Websites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques), and republish it
  • Websites that reproduce content feeds from other sites without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user
  • Sites dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from other sites without substantial added value to the user

Source: Google Search Central

Content Topic Too Saturated on the internet is consider as COPIED without further improvement to the Subject matter (Topic) is consider as SCRAPED CONTENT (Low Value Content)

Now you know How Google detect Scraped Content, Lets Know how to fix Scraped Content Issue on adsense.

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Let’s Go!

I recently apply for Google AdSense for Someone, and It got rejected because of Scraped Content Issue,

This is what I did to fix the Scraped Content Issue on AdSense.

Steps to Fix Scraped Content Issue On Adsense

First, Draft existing post and go through them if you can or move.

Add Important Useful pages such as About, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Pages,

To help AdSense, sure you have user constant to display personalized Ads and Auto Ads to them.

Include them in the Menu Tab (Navigation Menu), very clear and as shown in the diagragram below.

AdSense Scraped Content
AdSense Scraped Content

To make Google Track all pages you created, link to each of them and make it super visibile on your sie homepage,

Add it to Footer, header or sidebar.

Then for Post, Do Intensive research on deep topics not over written on on the internet.

This is the most difficult task for new beginners and bloggers seeking to get adsense approval.

Google want to pay you for creating Awesome content and well research yet not unknow.

Someone Just got More Confused! Lol.

Here is what I mean,

Creating a Niche blog that has unique content does not mean you should write on a Topic that do not exist but to focus on improving a particular area of Niche.

You can copy ideas or get from big source such as popular news media agency and till improve on the topic covered and add your own point of view.

If you are a music blogger, you can post about their latest music and give a detailed biography of the musician and social profile channel and official music source as credit.

If you are into the sport niche, you can give more details about goals and player that score the goal.

Or focus on Player’s Biography.

All this process are just for you to be accepted into partnership program first, you can expand later and add other monetilization method as regard your niche.


You do not need another account to get approved.

If you have apply before and got rejected for Low Value content (Scraped Content), Okay.

Just to your Google Adsense Dashboard and tick (check) I have review my site and make if comply with the adsense policy.

Summit And Wait for Second Mannual Review by Human.

At maximum, within 7 days, you would either get Approved or Disapproved Again.

If you get Approved, Congratulations.

But if you get Disapproved Again,

No problem, it is a lesson and learning process.

That is not all, I’m available to get my hands on your site and work on it to get approved in less time.

I can handle the Approval for new site or old site, first time applied or regetted for similar issues.

Well, my service is not Free but not too expensive.

I work on one domain name for Just $100

Here is how our agreement Form is,

AdSense Scraped Content

So, If you want us to handle your Adsense approval, send us an email at or whatsapp us via 07055487338

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Published on February 17, 2022 @ 7:36 am

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  1. Johnpaul Onwueme says:

    Hello James,
    This is very interesting one.

    To add to this, bloggers should always make use of any plagiarism checker tool to check their post before publishing. If you get like 80% score or above for original content, I think you’re good to go.

    I personally use it to check my posts before publishing.

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