SEO Tool Ahrefs: #8 H-SuperTools Best Free SEO Tools For Indepth Keyword Research

seo tool ahrefs
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You want more Organic Traffic but you do not have $7 to pay to Ahrefs for 7 days and need SEO Tool Ahrefs type. No worry, tell me the features Premuim SEO Tool Ahrefs can do and I would tell you FREE SEO TOOL that can do that for you.

In this post, I would tell you almost all my SEO Tool I use on VTU Script (Free & Paid) plus some Keyword Research tips I have learnt over time.

This post is not to abuse or down-rate Ahrefs SEO Tool but to show you Ahrefs Free Alternatives.

First, let’s talk about Ahrefs Tools.

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About SEO Tool Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a well know toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis.

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I guess that is why people call it BEST SEO TOOL but secretly, it is BEST BACKLINK CHECKER. 🙂

Just like Semrush, Ahrefs has various useful tools that features it.

These are some of the handy tools that Ahref currently offer:

– with the help Ahref Site Explorer tool you may easily analyse your site’s backlinks profile and the sites of your competitors; this tool will come in handy if you want to explore the most profitable keywords for organic and paid search;

– ouAhref Content Explorer will help you find the most shared content for any topic having the largest amount of shares on social media channels;

– Ahrefs Keywords Explorer will help you get relevant keyword ideas and traffic estimations;

Rank Tracker tool allows to track desktop and mobile rankings for any location and get daily/weekly/monthly reports;

Site Audit tool will analyse your website for common SEO issues & monitor your SEO health over time.


And alerts will keep you notified of new & lost backlinks, web mentions and keywords rankings.

One thing I like Ahrefs for is their Youtube SEO Training, I Love that.

Now, what is or are Ahrefs Free Alternatives to SEO Tools.

Let’s Find Out!

Recently, I publish an indepth guide to VTU Website SEO

and I think you would love to check it out.


Just to make this post useful for referrence purpose, I will drop list of Ahrefs Alternatives free or paid but before the end of this tutorial, you would know what is H-Supertools use for and How To Use H-SuperTools for Keyword Research.

seo tool ahrefs


SEO Tool: Ahrefs Alternatives

8 Full lists of Ahrefs Alternatives for SEO Expert 2022

Note; most of them are paid seo tools while some are completely free for life.

  1. SEMrush.
  2. Ubersuggest.
  3. Mangools.
  4. Moz Pro.
  5. Majestic.
  6. BuzzSumo.
  7. SERPstat.
  8. H-Supertools.

I would say all are very much familiar with SEO Experts and professional (Pro) apart from H-Supertools.

Yes, I use H-Supertools to check a keyword Cost-per-Click (CPC( ans Search Volume in various countries.


it also show related keyword and works for both Google Search Keyword Research and Youtube Keyword Research.

H-Supertools has alot of Tools.

let give a deep overview about H-Supertools.

how to use h-supertools

How To Use H-SuperTools

First is to visit H-supertools website and find a tool to use, here are the list of tools currently avaliable on H-supertools as at when this post was published.

H-supertools make money through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and selling of their products.


Scraped Content Adsense Fix: How To Fix Scraped Content Issue on Google Adsense


H-SuperTools Features and Uses

There are some similarity features between Ahrefs and H-supertools.

the major difference is that Ahrefs focuses on site seo while h-supertools is an online tool for all round publisher like Youtubers, Instagram influencers, Affiliate marketers, link shornter, Email Marketers and Digital marketing.


free seo tools like ahrefs but I guest Ahrefs do not have most Categories you would find on H-Supertools.

  • SEO Tools.
  • Youtube Tools.
  • instagram Tools.
  • Discover Tools.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools.
  • Web Tools.
  • Other Tools & Services.

A Deep Look “

SEO Tools

  • Keyword Research Tool.
  • Questions Explorer.
  • SEO Analyzer.
  • Bulk Keyword Tool
  • High CPC Keywords Explorer.


Youtube Tools

  • Youtube Keyword Tools.
  • Youtube Top Keywords Explorer.


Instagram Tools

  • Hashtag Explorer.


Discover Tools

  • Programs Explorer.
  • Find Influencers.
  • High CPC Keywords Explorer.


Email Marketing Tools

  • Email Validation Tool.
  • email Text Extractor.
  • Subject Line Tester.
  • Bulk Email Validation.
  • Warmup Schedule Generator.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • program Explorer.

Web Tools

  • Privacy Policy Generator Tool.
  • Term & Condition Generator Tool.

Other Tools & Services

  • Super Sender Lincense
  • Link Shortner.
  • h-educate
  • InQuickSticks


You can visit to use each of the tools.


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