Shortcut Keys To Know As A Blogger

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See Secret Shortcut key I discovered blogging with my PC (Windows), This topic can seem too easy for you but not everyone know about it.


Most of the major things I like to do while blogging is adding links of my previous post/pages to the new one that is why I was looking for shortcut keys to do that without scrolling too much up and down typing.


Another one is adding Emoji, it is my sweetest writing heck and I love seeing them in my content after publishing.


Possible on mobile but not on PC, so a friend told me that.


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WINDOWS key + (.) period.


Then others I would mention are from personal findings.


You do not need to be a computer programmer to start blogging.

Even uneducated can start blogging.


Ctrl + A This will select all contents of the page(Instead of using the mouse to right click and copy use this shortcut instead)

Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection(Easily make texts bold after highlighting them)

Ctrl + C This will copy selected text(self-explanatory)

Ctrl + X This will cut selected text

Ctrl + N Open new/blank document

Ctrl + O Open options

Ctrl + P Open the print window

Ctrl + F Open find the box

Ctrl + I Italicize highlighted selection

Ctrl + K Insert link

Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection

Ctrl + V This shortcut will paste the link you copied

Ctrl + Y Redo the last action performed (This shortcut is very useful and saves lots of time)

Ctrl + Z Undo last action (Made a mistake? Just undo it with this shortcut)

Ctrl + J Justify paragraph alignment

Ctrl + L Align selected text or line to the left

Ctrl + Q Align selected paragraph to the left

Ctrl + E Align selected text or line to the centre

Ctrl + R Align selected text or line to the right

Ctrl + M Indent the paragraph

Ctrl + T Hanging indent

Ctrl + Backspace Delete word to the left of the cursor

Ctrl + End Move cursor to end of the document

Ctrl +Home Move cursor to the beginning of the document

Ctrl + W Close document

These commands will work for Chrome

Ctrl+N Open a new window

Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new window in incognito mode

Ctrl, +link Open link in a new tab

Shift,+ link Open link in a new window

Alt+F4 Close current window

Ctrl+T Open a new tab

Ctrl+B Toggle bookmarks bar on and off

Ctrl+H View the History page

Ctrl+J View the Downloads page

Shift+Escape View the Task manager

Ctrl+P Print your current page

F5 Reload current page

Esc Stop page loading

Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 Reload current page, ignoring cached content

Alt+ link Download link

Ctrl+F Open find-in-page box

F3 Find next match for your input in the find-in-page box

Shift+F3 Find the previous match for your input in the find-in-page box

Ctrl+U View source Drag link to bookmarks bar Bookmark the link

Ctrl+D Bookmark your current webpage

Ctrl++ Make text larger

Ctrl+- Make text smaller

Ctrl+0 Return to normal text size

WINKEY + D Bring desktop to the top of other windows

WINKEY + M Minimize all windows

WINKEY + SHIFT + M Undo the minimize done by

WINKEY+ M and WINKEY + D WINKEY + E Open Microsoft Explorer

WINKEY + Tab Cycle through open programs on taskbar

WINKEY + F Display the Windows® Search/Find feature

WINKEY + CTRL + F Display the search for computers window

WINKEY + F1 Display the Microsoft® Windows® help

WINKEY + R Open the run window

WINKEY + Pause /Break Open the system properties window

WINKEY + U Open utility manager

WINKEY + L Lock the computer (Easily lock your computer with this shortcut)


You can drop your own findings ypu discover blogging on PC (computer).

Published on January 27, 2022 @ 4:27 am

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