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Do you want to start a POS business or

Want to be self employed or do you want to

Expand your business empire then this blog post

Titled is for you how to start a POS business in nigeria has been written waiting for you

So that to start a POS business in nigeria will be of less stress

So start reading the information these blog has for you

In these blog post we will cover  the following  area in these articles which are


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1.the requirements of start a POS business in nigeria                                                              2.How To Become P.O.S Agent (For Banks, Opay, Paga, and Others).


How To Start A VTU Business        


To start a POS business in Nigeria             There are also requirement for every business

One is about to venture into no matter the

Business size, we will list the most importance requirement

For start a POS business here in nigeria


* P. O.S Machine Provider in Nigeria & P.O.S Machine Prices.

 How To Become P.O.S Agent (For Banks, Opay, Paga, and Others).

Becoming a P.O.S agent requires you

Go to the bank of your choice you want to be an agent for in most case these banks

Requires you to have a business setup cash of about 50,000  minimum

 How To Choose Outlet How Location For Business.

They are many factors  out there to put into consideration when you want to start a POS business in nigeria

When choosing an outlet location but the

Nature of the business determines the outlet

Location but in these caese

One factor to consider

1.Area with high population density


2.Area with limited banks.                           

3.Newly mapped out layout or area

4.Student area

1.Area with high population density                Area with high population density

High turn out of customers and retiring ones

Is key to the growth of a business

So area with high population is a key as

The high population density that is a disadvantage

To others will likely turn to an advantage

To you, for example while people

Will not want to turn up in the bank

Due to high population in that bank as base on the

Area population density there are like

To location you as your POS may seem faster for them

Then waiting on a long queue

That sometimes seems to be struck

But to slow workers, or network issue

Or large database of customers causing

A slow in the server when the organization staff

Query in payment detail


Area with limited banks.                              Area with limited banks is a good option as when you want to start POS business in nigeria, these area lack or only have one or two banks and can’t meet up the daily,week ,and monthly transcation due to high demand of customers so targetting these area may see you consider a relocation to those location but you stands a better ranking chance in that area when You delivery good service

Newly mapped out layout or area

Student area


* Is P.O.S Business Profitable

Yes is it, however every business has up it up  down in a P.O.S  you can start start POS business in nigeria  and with time and hard your profit comes in and grows


How To Promote VTU Website On Google

 Other Method To Make Money As A P.O.S Agent In Nigeria

1.Generation and issuance of mini statemen

2.Cash deposit and withdrawal

3.Balance inquiry

4.Funds transfer services (local money value transfer)

5.Bill payment (taxes, utilities, tenement rates, subscriptions, e.t.c)

6.Generation and issuance of mini statement

7.Cash disbursement and cash repayment of loans

8.Agent mobile payments/banking services


* P.O.S Business Vs VTU Business

It up to you which to chose or do you

Prefere doing both ?

But one advantage of a VTU business is that

It an online business and no time restriction

In like a POS business that have a closing and opening



* Requirement To Start A VTU Business Website

You need to have and register

A domain name

Web host account.

Check out our guide on how to start a VTU business website here


Published on October 14, 2021 @ 6:42 pm

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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