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Hey, I did marketing about VTU Business and the question people want to know best answer to is How Profitable is VTU Business in Nigeria.

Well, that is even the sweetest part if you have a VTU Website like mine.

If you want have not yet create your VTU Website, you can see our detailed guide on How To Sell Airtime And Data Online Using WordPress.

Inside, you would see all you need to start VTU Website Business.

While in this post, I would show you how t make Real full time money with VTU Website Business.


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Is VTU Business Profitable

If you know how to make money with WordPress as a blogger, you would also know how to make ore money here.

This VTU Portal is been built with VTU WordPress Plugin


How Profitable is VTU Business?

Let’s know ways people make Money on VTU Website and how to make more money with VTU Business.

Ways To Make VTU Website Business Profitable

As a Business it is PROFITABLE but for one with low budget,

This is not a Profitable Business for you because it would require money (capital)

which if you do not have enough start up fund, you would quiet before you start earning big as planned.

From the general note, here is how to make money with VTU Business.

  • Discount Percentage.
  • Reseller Upgrade.
  • Reseller API.
  • Other Services.

But, that is not all for making the Real Money With VTU Business.

Normally, VTU Portal Owner attend private coaching to learn more but I would tell you for free and it is possible.

Do not worry VTUPRESS would help you with what you need to create all you need.


Here is more Ways To Make Money With VTU Website Business.

  • MLM System.
  • Google AdSense.
  • VTU Website Creation For Clients.
  • Affiliate Marketing System.
  • Ecommerce (selling Online)


I know you know about the MLM system because of RechargeAndGetPaid.

the MLM means Multi Level Marketing .

Is VTU Business Profitable: MLM System

The system of recruiting more people inti the Business.

this helped any VTU Business Company flourished because it’s a Game of Number.

The More People come into the Business and transact the more money come into the business.

that is people refer others into the business and everyone in the system do so also.

But this is not the Affiliate aspect of it because this pays all in the matrix up to 5th Generation of the pyramid but affiliate only pay once for referring someone.

I would explain better as we go down this teaching.

Quick Note; VTU Business or Recharge Card Printing and selling business is a Game of Numbers. More member (Users), More Profit.


Next Method is Google Adsense.

Get Ready because I love to tell people how this work, I’m a Blogger and I have been using Google AdSense and one of the Monetization on my website along with Affiliate Marketing before I co-founded VTUpress.

Just to let you know, you get paid in Dollar, Euro or other currency you choose while creating your account with them.

Is VTU Business Profitable: Using Google Adsense
This is use for example purpose only.

Using Google AdSense

Yes, very profitable which can be added in two method as recommended by me. 🙂


You can add it to your knowledge base page, blog post or forum section of your website.

those part are were people mostly visit over and over again to learn how your VTU Business works.

Google would not allow you to use Adsense on your normal VTU Script website created with Script but would our site with enough content,

But now, VTUpress has made it possible.

Having Issues with Google Adsense, See this Guide on Google Adsense Issues Fix Series

VTU Business Profitable

Here is the deal about VTUpress;

You do not need VTU Script or Portal Creator, just install VTUpress inside your WordPress Dashboard.

And Insert Shortcode into any page you want to launch your VTU Form on.


It works with any theme and also on blogging website and others.

Provided is was created with WordPress and VTUpress installed.


Over time since we released VTUpress, we have been improving it functionality.

VTUpress is a VTU WordPress Plugin

Now, you can set a specific page for specific purpose.

New Changelog —

1. Airtime and Data can be separated with shortcode.

[vtupress_airtime] and [vtupress_data] respectively.

2. Registration and login can be used differently.

[vtupress_register] and [vtupress_login] respectively.

3. Logout link added.

Back to Business,

  • VTU Website Creation For Clients.
  • Affiliate Marketing System.
  • Ecommerce (selling Online)
  • Start selling other product that your potential customer would love to business like what Jumia is selling you are interested in buying.

    You can use woocommerce along with VTUpress and Google Adsense.

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    Now you know that VTU Business Profitable, would you like to start.

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    Published on August 10, 2021 @ 9:15 am

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