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Want to create Bill payment website like Opay and VTpass kind of website and do not know where to start from?

You do if you need VTU Creator or can you do it with WordPress using a plugin.

In this tutorial, I would show you how possible it is to be done on WordPress with a plugin and why you do not need VTU Creator script again.

Everything done inside WordPress Dashboard.

In fact, I understand that you are tired of paying for subscriptions to premium WordPress Plugin.

That is why I would give you a one time payment choice to make by the end of this post.

You would still get Full Developer Support and Plugin Update whenever there is an update.


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This is not a Nulled or Cracked Version Plugin, here is why you should trust me.

I’m James Okwise (Ebube James Okwuoha), Co-founder of VTUpress Plugin and Founder VTU Script and Dosuggest SEO Tool.

So, you have no fear, and you are in safe hands with me.

Someone just asked me what is VTUpress Plugin used for;

What Is VTUpress Plugin?


VTUpress is a WordPress Plugin use to create bill payment website and VTU website on WordPress without coding from scratch.

Is VTUpress Plugin Free?

VTUpress Plugin is a premium plugin but has a 3 days Free trial and an affordable pricing plan for start-ups.

How Can I Download VTUpress

You can download VTUpress Plugin from your shop account page on vtupress.com for free and activate VTUpress Plugin to start using it.

How Much Is VTUpress Plugin

VTUpress pricing is starting at $2.42 per month for Personal plan and Premium plan for $8.47 per month, you can also get VTUpress plugin for a one-time payment (Lifetime) for $360 now $250.

Note that you can pay with your own currency (Nigeria Naira, Ghana Cedis and Kenya shilling).

VTUpress Plugin can be used in any country that support online bill payment and VTU such as India and other countries.

vtupress login
VTUpress Home Page

VTUpress is an open source software and can be expanded just like every other WordPress Plugin.

Can be integrated and customize.

It is a stand-alone plugin; that is, it does not have a particular built-in API for VTU.

You can use your own custom APIs or choose from already integrated APIs like Clubkonnect API, VTU.ng API, Aimtoget API, Mobilemina API, BWsub API and many others.

For more business wise choice, we made it possible to use up to 8 custom APIs at the same time.

That is, you can;

Use Clubkonnect API for Data and AimToGet API for Airtime and any other for bill payment such as TV Subscriptions and electricity bills.

If you are confused on the APIs, I mentioned above, or you are not from Nigeria.

This means that you can use up to 8 custom APIs from your country.

We have emphases so much on the API here, let’s move to VTUpress Features and benefits.


There are some secret ingredients that makes soup different in taste and satisfaction,

What makes VTUpress different from any regular VTU Creator script or portal software is it features and WordPress compactibility.

Here is a quick overview of VTUpress Plugin features.

To find out what feature is privilege to your plan, see VTUpress Pricing Page,

VTUpress Features And Benefits

  • Unlimited Website
  • VTUpress Addons
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Resellers
  • Full Developer Support
  • 8 Custom APIs
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Recharge Card Vending
  • Exam Pin Vending
  • Three Level Multi Marketing Marketing [MLM] System
  • Developer Support & Update
  • Integration Of Custom APIs

We do not just stop at creating the best VTU WordPress Plugin, but we found out that most VTU portal owners do not know how to monetize their website to make them more money.

What I mean by monetize is making money or earning big from their website.

That is why I particularly decided to teach you (VTUpress Users) how to create multiple income stream with your WordPress VTU site.

This is not a WhatsApp group class or anything to using a Facebook group to teach.

It is an online course design to teach you at your own desire time with video training and private coaching option for you to get everything working.

Let me do not over talk about that for now.

Are you interested in getting VTUpress plugin and make a one time payment for the lifetime plan (Agency Plan)?

This is an opportunity for you.

Save more money on recurring subscription and still get plug-in to update and support,

Would you decide to get this VTU Creator plugin for

Personal plan of N10,000 /year,

Premium plan of N35,000/year.

Or get it for just a one time payment (pay once) for just N150,000 now N100,000 naira only,


I know your fear πŸ˜‚

What if it is not what you want, then your 100k is a waste.


No, Sir/Ma.

VTUpress team is group by trusted individuals, not scammers or fraudsters,

In fact, top influencer talk about us.

If you pay us (VTUpress) for any service or product, including any plan, you decide to go for and discover it is not what you want.

Because it is a digital product and service, we accept payment first.

But in a situation where you are not satisfy with what we serve you,

You can let us know through open a ticket with us or emailing support@vtupress.com

And without delay, we refund your money in full back to you and deactivate your account with us.

You think we do not respond to ticket or emails, you can send us a message on WhatsApp or VTUpress Facebook official page, and we would do a follow-up.

You get refunded and have nothing to lose.

Terms and Condition Applies.

You are to request for refund under 7 days of purchase from VTUpress.


I forgot, if you want to create such kind of website and not the techy type like me 😊😊

No Worry.

We can set up your own VTU Website from start to finish without delay.

Service fee of N20,000 applied.

This does not cover for your expenses such as Web hosting, Domain Name and Premium SSL.

You pay Separately for that.

Want to get started immediately.

Whatever plan you choose, you can make a payment to us.#

Simply contact James Okwise (Co-founder) on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Number: +23470554873338

Want to speak with a sales team;

Phone Call: +2347035455113

See a demo of VTUpress Website type > VTUpress Demo

Published on January 17, 2022 @ 4:31 am

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)