WpBeginner WordPress plugin for comment moderation (Complete Guide)

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Are You Looking For WpBeginner WordPress plugin for comment moderation on you blog?

Here is the an outstanding WordPress Plugin for Comment Moderation since over 10 years of WordPress Development and existance.

There are few WordPress Comment Moderation Plugin in WordPress Plugin Directory but this great feature WpBeginner WordPress Plugin has is very Unique.



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Syed Balkhi – Founder of WpBeginner said ” This Impossible WordPress Feature is Finally Available (After 10 Years)”

It wasn’t possible to create a proper comment moderator role in WordPress.

Basically, You have to give at least Editor level permission to users just so they can moderate comments.

Editor level role is quite powerful because it gives users the ability to edit any post/page on your site including the ones that are published.

So, WpBeginner Team decided to fix this by creation WpBeginner Comment Moderation Plugin.

This is not the first WordPress Plugin Develolped by WpBeginner

Do Not Be Afraid about the pricing feature, It is free for now,

Here is the link to Download WpBeginner Comment Moderation Plugin.

Comment Plugin Link

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WpBeginner WordPress plugin for comment moderation (Complete Guide)

This plugin is not for every website or blog,

You should consider to use this plugin if your site get lot of comment engagement and need someone to manage comment moderation.

let’s look on why you should use this plugin and how to set up comment moderation.

Why You Should Use WpBeginner WordPress plugin for comment

By default, like I said before you not not neccessary need WpBeginner Comment Plugin.

If your blog is small or do not reieve lots of comment.

But here is why you should need WpBeginner plugin.

  • Blog With Huge Comment Engagement.
  • Site With Multiple Author/ Moderators.
  • To Reduce Spam Comment.
  • To Assign Only omment Moderation Role to a Specific user account without giving higher access to your site.

See the old method of moderating comment on wordpress before but it gives user moderator role and access to your entire site.

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin called Moderator Role. This plugin adds a real comments moderator role to your WordPress blog. Upon activation, you can assign this user to any user you like.

Most blogs allow comments without registration, so you will have to make your moderators a new account. Go to your WordPress admin menu, under the users menu. Click Add New. Enter all the information, and then select user role moderator.

Selecting moderator user role while adding a new user in WordPress

This new moderator will login to your WordPress admin like any other. However their dashboard will be extremely limited. They will see the ability to moderate comments, and the ability to modify their profile (i.e password, website link etc).

Comment moderator dashboard

There you have it. Now you don’t have to use a third party commenting platform to have comment moderators. You can just use the Moderator Role plugin to add real comments moderator to your WordPress blog.

How To Set Up WpBeginner Comment Moderation Plugin

Site administrators can add WPB Comment Moderator to any account via the user management admin screen.

The process is the same as adding or removing any other role in WordPress.

Screenshot of the WordPress user management screen, assigning a role to a user.
Granting the WPB Comment Moderator role to a user.

After adding the role to a user, that user can access the Comments admin screen.

They can also see both the Dashboard and their own Profile in the admin.

Except in the cases where they have another role added via a different plugin,

they will not have permission to access other screens.

Comments management screen when viewed as a user with the WPB Comment Moderator role.
Comments admin screen for user with the WPB Comment Moderator role

Because of core WordPress’s hard-coded permissions check,

the plugin must create its own comments management screen.

Most users will not notice this because it is all under the hood. The plugin only adds it when necessary,

and it does not look or function any differently than the default screen. It is just a lot of code work and duplication to fix an 11-year-old reported bug in WordPress.

Until the foundational issue is addressed in core WordPress, Comment Moderation Role is the best plugin for this job.

After extensive testing,

I can now say that it is now nestled firmly in my toolbox, ready to pull out when needed for a project.

How To Automatically Approve Comment On WordPress

How To Turn Off Comment On WordPress

Disabling / Enabling comments in all pages

In your WordPress admin, navigate to the  pages screen :  Pages > All Pages.

Click the checkbox on top of the title’s column like in the picture below. This will select all your pages.

Page screen 1

Then, open the  Bulk Actions dropdown list like in the picture below, choose “Edit” and click on the “Apply” button.

Page screen 2

At this point you should see a Bulk Edit block with all your selected pages on the left, and a list of dropdown options on the right.Open the “Comments” dropdown list and select the “Do not allow” option (see the screenshot below). Then click on the “Update” button at the left bottom corner of the Bulk Edit block.

Page screen 3

Now your pages won’t display any comments or comment form anymore.

Disabling comments on one page

If you only need to disable the comment in one page, then it’s even simpler.

In the  Page Screen (navigate to Pages > All Pages), hover the mouse over the page title for which you’re willing to disable the comments. It will reveal some options for this page : Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View.

Click on the Quick Edit link. (see the screenshot below)

Page screen 4

It will open an inline edit block under the page title where you can set some items in the page like the Title, the url slug, etc. Uncheck the “ Allow Comments” checkbox to disable comments for this page.

Page screen 5

Hope this will help  

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Conclusion On WpBeginner Comment Moderation Plugin

If you still need to install WpBeginner Comment Moderation Plugin , you can still go ahead.

Currently, it has no Plugin Conflict Issue or it will not slow down the speed of your site.

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Published on July 25, 2021 @ 4:17 am

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