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PrimeShares Registration Sign Up Fee, Login and Coupon Code

PrimeShares Sign Up

See Us on Google on Your Next Search, Follow Us On Google News - VTU Script

If you have heard of Videomine, Xtraincome and Miratel, then PrimeShares is another amazing platform to earn more money doing the following activities; affiliate marketing, share trading, publishing and resale. there are more to the platform and is about to launch soon. So, let us talk about how to register on PrimeShares Registration Sign Up Fee and how to login.

Is PrimeShares Legit

Over time, PrimeShares platform is still paying their affiliates and members and that is one way to validate that the PrimeShares is Legit and safe to join now, but have in mind that this is an income earning site like videomine and xtraincome that will also fade away someday.

However, you do not want to miss the trend and get paid from PrimeShares net website.

In this post, you see how PrimeShares works and sign up free for new members.

PrimeShares Sign Up Fee and Coupon Code Vendor

it is clearly state on the PrimeShares website that registration sign up fee is $8 which is equivalent to 4,000 naira in Nigeria currency. In order to join PrimeShares login, you need to get coupon code from trusted vendors listed on the website or connect with an affiliate to help you get PrimeShares coupon code for a vendor when you pay 4,000 naira.

After you have fully become registered and sign up, you can now earn from PrimeShares doing the following activities and

All this amounts are earned in dollars $

PrimeShares Earnings (How It Works)

PrimeShares Welcome bonus is $5 (2,500 naira).

Sharing of ads is $1 daily (500 naira)

PrimeShares Referral bonus is $6.4 (3,200 naira).

As you refer others to PrimeShares and they refer others under themselves, this become downline spillover.

Here is

How PrimeShares Spillovers works

First level spillovers is $0.6 (300 naira)

Second level spillovers $0.2 (100 naira)

Transfer of earnings are also available and are at a minimum of $12 per transfer (6,000 naira)

That is PrimeShare Minimum Withdrawal is 6,000 naira ($12).

For PrimeShares users in Nigeria, The conversion rate is stated at exactly 500 naira to $1.

This means that for every $1 made on primeshares, it is worth N500 naira FOR Nigerians

PrimeShares Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal for Affiliate Withdrawal is $10 (5000 naira)

Minimum withdrawal for Non Referrals is $40 (20,000 naira)

See our tutorial on how to withdraw from PrimeShares

If you want to Join PrimeShare, Contact Stephen on WhatsApp

See Us on Google on Your Next Search, Follow Us On Google News - VTU Script

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