New Steps How To Withdraw From ViralTrend Without Referral & Task Earnings

Viraltrend is a platform that rewards users for completing easy tasks online. Most of the tasks are; instagram like, subscribing to youtube channels, watching youtube videos,facebook like, twitter retweets and lots more.

The verification process of the tasks listed above in this platform are automated, members are required to link their social media account to the website. Screenshots are not required when the jobs are completed.

About Viral Trend

Viral trend is an advertising platform that offers business and brands visibility online, by using social media and promoters, to build instagram, facebook, twitter followers and youtube subscribers, video views and likes.

They also offer solutions to empower business, brands through social media marketing and ads creation. Which will help promoters earn money. Promoters who use this platform will earn from each task performed through social media, and publishers will earn through ad networks, where advertisers create ads for publishers to display on their websites.
How it Works
The website offers two ways to earn money, which includes the first is to do a Perform task, and the second is Referrals.

Tasks are needed to be performed to earn money on the website. Which includes; watching and subscribing to youtube, instagram follow and like, facebook like and lots more.

Prices for each task ranges from ₦3-₦6. Staying online and being active is one advantage users can make use of to grab opportunities to complete tasks and get paid.

Referrals have always been one of the ways of increasing earnings on platforms like this. Every person you refer, 30%-50% of the sign up bonus is earned depending on the package.of the person you referred. Members can take advantage of this opportunity.

Note: While referring people through your link, payment should be made immediately to avoid missing out on referral commission, if your referrals make payment late you will not get commision.

How to Register

Step 1: Sign up on the website.
Step 2: Make sure to fill in your correct names on the form by entering your first name and last name.
Step 3: Input your Email address.
Step 4: Click on “Get started”.
Step 5: Fill in your username and password.

Once you’re done with the registration process, a verification email for confirmation will be sent to you via your email address. Make sure to check the spam folder or promotion to verify your account.

Log in to the website and proceed to any task of your choice to complete and get paid. Choose a plan by clicking on “Next”.

The Basic plan is ₦500 andPremium Plan is ₦1500. Proceed to “pay with rave”, input your ATM card and make payment. If you’re having issues with payment, you can make use of other channels to make payment.

After successful payment, proceed to your dashboard, click on profile and fill your information in the available form which includes;

How To Fill ViralTrend Withdrawal Form

How To Withdraw From ViralTrend

Filing your bank account.
Link or connect your social media accounts.
Go back to your Dashboard to complete tasks.
How to withdraw from Viral trend
The minimum amount on viral trend is ₦5,000 and a fee of 7% for withdrawal fee is charged on any withdrawal you make.

To locate withdrawal; scroll down to the menu and click on the wallet and proceed with any amount of withdrawal you want to make.

Viral trend is an online platform that pays users when they complete a task on the website. If you are ready to complete tasks and refer people, you will be paid a commission once the person you refer makes payment. Users should take advantage of referral program to earn extra money

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