New 5+ Best Crypto Trading Apps In Nigeria That Pays

Do you know about the best crypto trading apps? what they are use for? and how their are used. Looking at the world now as it goes digital; people are looking for an easy way of making money at the comfort of their home. Crypto trading is one of the fastest way to make money online.

With the crypto trading apps you will be able to utilize your cryptocurrency trading programs.

  • Binance app

  • Coinbase app

  • Prestmit app

  • Breet app

  • Remitano app

Binance app

This is a financial cryptocurrency exchange that offers to all users worldwide that is one of the top marketing sites for buying, selling and trading crypto exchange and also provides a mobile app version .Binance app offers the same services to users everywhere and develop the web platform.

Additionally, Countries can use direct money, with binance serving as the primary playform for deposits and withdrawals.The binance app is especially useful because it helps in widespread and also allows the user to be able to access crypto services.

How To Use Binance

Procedure on How To Use Binance with the use of binance to buy and sell cryptocurrency by the use of this method:

  • Regster for a binance account.
  • To select basic, enter exchange in the taskbar or phone.
  • Choose a trading pair from other options provided.
  • Select your desired trading strategies, such as market orders, stop-limit order.
  • Select the quality you wish to exchange.

CoinBase Wallet App

This is a cryptocurrency network, it has a sound reputation for currency and offer a secure, convenient means to purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies. Since its introduction, has made its mobile wallet app known as one of the popular in the country.

Its important to secure made Nigerians to transfer their current cryptocurrency holding between their wallets to coinbase wallet service.

How To Use Coin Base App

  • Choose the asset you want to purchase. 
  • Enter the desire of your purchase amount in cryptocurrency or local money.
  • Review your purchase, preview buy (tap the back button).
  • To finalize your purchase, Enter buy.

Does CoinBase Work In Nigeria

Currently, coin base is used by 100 countries of the world because of its capabilities enabled. some of these nations can convert, buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their platform.

However, for you to make use of this app in Nigeria, you must download the coin base wallet and utilize it to store your coins.

How To Download CoinBase In Nigeria

Ways to open a coin base account:

  • Government issued card (ID) at least 18 years above.
  • you will provide your phone number and a smartphone with up to date operating system.
  • visit its website or download the coinbase app for your phone.
  • select start now.
  • correctly your name, email address and a password.

 Prestmit App

The prestmit app is a platform that has autonomous transaction on processes that make it easy for users to convert the cryptocurrency to order. Naira and cedis are two order options that are available. All transactions are automatic in cryptocurrency money is received into they users wallet and not converted to fiat.

Luno App -Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet

The Luno app is an extensive capabilities for more seasoned trader, it is also a cryptocurrency app. Luno provides secure storage and facilitates the purchasing trading of bitcoin and lite coin.

Breet App

it is a convenient and economical choice for consumer wishing to sell their cryptocurrency because there is no withdraw fees or additional cost. Breet App offers a number of other distinctive advantage in addition to its quick transaction.

Remitano App

It is a peer to peer market place that supports the purchasing and selling of cryptocurrencies . They are the easiest and secured environment for investors connected across the network essential to Remitano App 


so far, will have talk about the top 5 crypto trading apps in Nigeria; Binance, Coin base, Luno – bit coin, Remitano, Breet, Prestmit with this apps, you will be able to earn on daily basics no stress!!

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