Quick Method How To Withdraw From Videomine Without Referral

Videomine is a money making platform that allows members to make money by carrying out easy tasks like posting, watching movies daily. It is also an online platform for acquiring skill, sales, and rendering digital services.

About Videomine


Videomine is an innovative technology that offers two programs on its platform. It gives its users the opportunity to either participate as a single affiliate or participate as a group, with the aim of making money for its members.

Videomine technology offers affiliate marketing, where users earn money by inviting their friends.

Videomine: How does it Work

Videomine works in two ways as money can be earned through affiliates or referrals.

Participating as a team and building a community is also acceptable.

Members can earn money from either of the two ways listed above.
How to Earn Money as an Affiliate
First, a member is required to register as an affiliate. You are required to register on an individual plan. The registration process includes;

A ₦2,000 registration fee is required to participate as an affiliate on the platform.

After completing the registration, members are awarded a registration bonus of ₦1,000.

Members who register on affiliate will earn a referral bonus of ₦1,400 for each person that registered through their link.

Members who visit the website daily will get a commision of ₦100.
You will earn ₦150 for each video you watch on the platform.
Sharing of sponsored videos attract a commision of ₦200.

How To Withdraw From Videomine

Withdrawals for affiliates are done when you apply on weekly earnings twice and get paid instantly.
How to Earn Money as a Group
Members who subscribe to group packages are required to register on the group plan.
The process includes;

Once your cycle is completed you will stand a chance of earning ₦10,000.

You can withdraw up to ₦1,500 as a group.

After completing each cycle, you can earn ₦1,500 if you have more downlines, and if they complete each cycle.

Group members stand a chance of winning amazing prizes such as Laptops, mobile phones and lots more.

After completing a cycle and a member is paid, to move to the next cycle, he/she needs to resubscribe before moving to the next level.

Subscription and registration fee is ₦2,000.
Prizes on videomine
Videomine offers prizes to its users, it works based on cycles. Once any user completes a cycle you are required to move up to the next cycle.

The process is listed below;

After completing cycle 7, you stand a chance of getting a rechargeable fan or printing machine.

Once you complete cycle 14, you will win a home theater.

Once you complete cycle 21, you will win an infinix or techno mobile phone.

Users who complete cycle 30 stand a chance of winning samsung s7.

When you complete cycle 50 you will win a laptop.

Completing cycle 100 attracts iphone 11 pro max and a washing machine.

When you complete cycle 200 which is the last cycle you stand a chance of winning a trip to dubai.

Users can claim their prices by making use of the three available channels; cash payment to your band, delivery to your doorstep, and you can request prizes in exchange for activation codes.
Registration Guide
Users are required to purchase an activation code called “coupon code” by visiting the website. Scroll down to purchase activation code, you will see a list of verified coupon code vendors, and message them on any of their available whatsapp contacts.

You will pay a one time registration fee of ₦2,000. Once your registration is complete you will get a welcome bonus of ₦1,ooo as a new member.
How to Withdraw from Videomine
You can request for withdrawal easily if you have reached a payment threshold. Just go to your dashboard and click on withdraw and fill in the withdrawal details. After that you will be paid directly to your bank account.
Videomine offers opportunities to new members to earn money by performing simple tasks. Above are all the guidelines on how to go about the platform

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