How To Withdraw From Owodaily And Get Paid

Owodaily is an online platform that offers digital jobs for anyone willing to complete simple tasks like; commenting on posts, likes on facebook, twitter follow and lots more. After completing these tasks you get paid. There are lots of jobs on the platform, the more jobs you complete the more money you earn.

How to Register

There are three membership phases on the platform. To get started you have to first become a member by making a payment of a one time fee of ₦3,000. This will enable members to be able to make money by completing tasks,inviting people. The amount paid for completing a task, depends on the amount stated for the task. A bonus of ₦1,600 will be earned for inviting people to the platform. Each customer you invite must be before your affiliate account is credited.

The second phase is owodaily+, the registration fee is ₦10,000. Members will get access to benefits like the first phase and additionally be granted access to affiliate networks where you can promote digital products and earn commision. You will also receive cash back on any personal purchase you make on the platform. Money is also earned by offering products and services on the platform.

The third phase is the sellers phase, a one time registration fee of ₦15,000 is to be paid and this will enable anyone that has products to sell on the platform.

The process to register on owodaily are as follows;

1) Click on the Become a member.

2) Fill in your details correctly on the form provided.

3) Click on submit.

4) Make payment and start earning.


Owodaily+ is another way of earning money on the platform through affiliate marketing. On owodaily+ you can promote people’s digital products and earn commission, products like; online courses, ebooks. By promoting products you can earn commision up to 50% of the price of the products.

How does Owodaily Works?

Owodaily list out products of business on its platform and offer tasks for its users as jobs. People that have business to promote can partner with other users on the platform to get their products sold.

How to Earn Money on Owodaily?

You can earn money by taking surveys. Users are required to carry out a task on the platform successfully and get paid.

Promoting Youtube account; youtube account owners will request for partnership from users in order to gain more subscribers on their account. Users are required to help promote the youtubers account as stated on the task and get paid.

Creating Articles; article writers most times will be needed on the platform, as some business owners will need them to promote their business. Users can carry out these tasks and earn money.

Reviewing Apps; app developers will need people to review their applications in order to increase the chances of having people to download. Most times app developers will post jobs on the platform to review their apps in order to attract more downloads. Members on the platform can easily take this task, review the apps and get paid.

How to withdraw from Owodaily

The minimum withdrawal required of users is ₦5,000. Once a user gets up to ₦5,000 or more on his/her account, withdrawal can be requested. A fee of 5% will be charged per withdrawal.


Owodaily is a platform that rewards its users for carrying out tasks, and also referring others to their platform. They are up to the task when it comes to rewarding members. This is an opportunity to take advantage of and earn extra income.

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