PrimeShares Withdrawal l How To Withdraw From PrimeShares Platform (Minimum and Maximum Withdraw)

Earning platform like PrimeShares is loved by young students and those looking for how to make money online, PrimeShares is still paying and in order to get paid from this platform. You have to request for withdrawal, in this tutorial you will see how to withdraw from PrimeShares as non affiliate or affiliate members and minimum withdrawal limit.

Sit tight!

In our previous post on PrimeShares, we briefly discussed PrimeShares Minimum Withdrawal for both affiliate and non affiliate. But that was not a post about PrimeShares withdrawal that is why we decided to dedicate this post to show you step by step process on how to withdraw from PrimeShares and get paid to your bank account.

PrimeShares Minimum Withdrawal

Just a quick recap;

Non Affiliate

PrimeShares Minimum withdrawal for Non Referrals is $40 (20,000 naira)



Minimum withdrawal for Affiliate Withdrawal is $10 (5000 naira).

If you are new to the term “affiliate”, what it means is “referral”.

So, Affiliate are Referral Member and Non Affiliate is a Member that do not refer.

Hope you got that right.

Without further Ado, let’s get to the business of the day – PrimeShares Withdrawal.

Steps To Withdraw From PrimeShares

PrimeShares Login:

  • Login to PrimeShares Platform (website or app).
  • Click on the Withdrawal icon 🏛️

On PrimeShares Withdrawal Page:

  • Tap on the Withdrawal plus icon at the top right hand side (+)
  • Next, Enter the amount you wish to withdraw into the pop up modal box. (Note if you are non referral, your minimum limit is $40 and Affiliate is $10).
  • Click on the Withdraw button to submit (if request submitted successfully)

Your PrimeShares account will be debited and you will be credited to your provided bank account.

Withdrawal Note

You must know PrimeShares withdrawal days and time to request withdrawal and your registration membership type, if you are affiliate or non Affiliate.

if you are non affiliate, your minimum limit is $40 and Affiliate is $10.

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