How To Become A Blogger In Nigeria 2023

Most people have seen the stress and expenses bloggers pass through and have made the outcome they gotten (small), but there is alway the secret information when you implement you will see positive result. However, in this article you find ways on how to become a Blogger the smater way and money from day one.

Blogging is the most legitimate online business I have done and still doing because it has not limit or market cap that can be exhausted. in fact, a blog is more like a supermarket that you can sell any related product and still keep the niche in mind. you can show advertisement, sell product, teach online, charge for subscription. there are lots I do not mention, like adding unlimit advert space and ads on your site.

Google Adsense is the most highly paying ads network globally because it is own by google, so majority blog uses Google Adsense to show ads on their site.

Adsense acts as a tusted middleman between Advertisers and Publishers by providing a robust system that handles both ussers and avoid stress for both end.

Basically, to run a smart profitable blog and start making money from day one. I do advice you buy an existing blog that already have Google Adsense Approval, because Adsense is now hard to get unlike before.

Before you can become a blogger, you must own a blog or manage a blog.

How To Start A Blog In Nigeria

You can go to youtube and learn how to start a blog but if you follow the right experience blogger and get coached by expert blogger, you will not do try and see error and waste money blindly.

Below is the step by step guide how to start a blog (create a blog), why I decided to embed this youtube video is because the information is everywhere.

After the video, I will show you the secret of Blogging the smarter way.

After you have purchase a domain name and hosting from this website, another thing you need is to install wordpress on the hosting connected to the domain name.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that helps non – developer and developer create responsive functioning website or blog, if you can install wordpress software on your domain and be able to choose a theme. then, you have created a blog and you are now a blogger.

This is how to install wordpress on a domain and make it work.

By now, you have been able to create a blog using wordpress.

Congratulations!! You are now a blogger.

It is time to make money from your blog and build a pssive income from your blog.

Before you put your focus on how much you can make from your blog, there are lots of other things you have to learn along side to become a professional blogger like me. 🙂

You will have to learn, how to write a blog post and make it rank on search engine like Google and Bing. That is called SEO.

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