New Methods On How To Buy Data On Airtel Without The Internet

As we all know that Airtel is one of the Best and largest Telecommunications Service Providers in Nigeria and beyond, It is Popular Because it has Large Numbers of Subscribers and Internet Users, Unlike other Networks. Do you know that you can Purchase a daily Data Subscription plan on Airtel with as low as #25. Buying Data on Airtel is not as difficult as you think, Data purchases on Airtel can be done through;The use of USSD Code or The use  of The Airtel Mobile App.Here am going to use the USSD Code as a Case Study based on our Topic Suggestion.

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Airtel Data Codes

You can choose any Airtel data bundle that Reaches your specific Demands, From the Daily, Weekly, And Monthly data plan offers available on the network, Moreover, The Airtel USSD Data code is *141#.

How to buy Airtel Data plan

The Followings are the steps to follow in order to buy data from Airtel using USSD;

1. Simply Dial *141# on your Mobile Phone.

2. Select from the menu the category of the data plan you want.

3. The Airtel Data Plans comes in different categories.Depending on the Length of time there are; Daily / Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, Mega Plans / Binge Plans and Others.

4.You can then Choose the Data Plan  you Wishes to go with.

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The Airtel Data Plan Prices, USSD Codes, Durations and Subscriptions

Airtel Data Plan Price Subscriptions USSD Code Validity
N50 20MB *141*50# 1 Day
N100 75MB *141*100# 1 Day
N300 1GB *141*354# 1 Day
N500 2GB *141*504# 1 Day
N200 200MB *141*200# 3 Day
N300 350MB *141*300# 7 Day
N500 1GB *141*502# 7 Days
N1500 6GB *141*1504# 7 Days
N500 750MB *141*500# 14 Days
N1000 1.5GB *141*1000# 30 Days
N1,200 2GB *141*1200# 30 Days
N1,500 3GB *141*1500# 30 Days
N2,000 4.5GB *141*2000# 30 Days
N2,500 6GB *141*2500# 30 Days
N3,000 8GB *141*3000# 30 Days
N4,000 11GB *141*4000# 30 Days
N5,000 15GB *141*5000# 30 Days
N10,000 40GB *141*10000# 30 Days
N15,000 75GB *141*15000# 30 Days
N20,000 110GB *141*20000# 30 Days



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