(New and Easy Method) How To Buy Airtime From EcoBank

I guess that you have been hearing about how to buy Airtime from Ecobank, And you might not know how it is done anyways, Don’t think about it again because you’re on the right track, I will explain everything to you here and now. Well to recharge or buy airtime to your phone number that is linked to EcoBank, All you need to do is just Dial the EcoBank Special USSD Code, Which is *326#, and click on airtime purchase and complete the procedures that follow. Todays guide would be based and centered on how to buy airtime from EcoBank for yourself and others.

First Bank Transfer Codes

The EcoBank Recharge Code

As we all know that other Bank have their Recharge codes and EcoBank won`t be exceptional, Therefore the official EcoBank USSD Recharge Code is *326#.

The official Code is used for many purposes like Buying Airtime, Data purchase, Bank Transfers and many more.You can activate your recharge code when you just go to your phone dialer and simply dial *326# on your mobile phone, And you can use the code to buy any airtime for yourself and others as you wish. For instance if you want to recharge for yourself dial *326*Neccessary Amount#, if you want to recharge 3000 to your Account, Dial *326*3000# and it would be funded to your phone while it would be also deducted from your Bank account. Then you can now buy your data bundles.You can also recharge online.

How to buy Data from UBA Bank

Follow these steps below to recharge airtime on your phone:

1. Use the phone you registered with your bank account and open the phone dialer.

2. Dial the Ecobank Nigeria official recharge code *326#.

3. Follow the on-screen prompt to buy the airtime.

4. Press the send button or click ok when you are done.

5. Wait for some minutes and your Airtime recharge has been proccessed successfully.

How to Sell Airtime And Data Online


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