How To Buy Data From UBA Bank Using USSD Code & Online App Account

Here, you will learn and know more about how to buy data from UBA Bank for yourself and others without going to the bank for their assistance. To do this, you must have opened an account and have an active sim card that you have registered with UBA Bank, in Nigeria today, most commercial banks have their  USSD Banking Platform which they use always, and UBA Bank can’t be exceptional, After all it is one of the most reputable bank in the country both far and beyond.

However i also believe that before one would ever think of buying data from bank that he/she knowswhat data is being used for ,Anyways data is said to be used for internet and online browsing and many more.

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The Code Used for Buying Data from UBA Bank

The code being used for buying data from UBA Bank for yourself and others is no other code than just simply dial *919# From your device[i.e phone] ,This is the official code for UBA BANKING, After dialing this code you can now do the following to complete your data transactions;

1.  To buy airtime for the phone number that you used and opened an account(linked)  to your UBA account, Simply dial *919*Amount# from your mobile phone  i.e *919*500#

2. To buy airtime to a phone number not linked to your UBA account, dial *919*Amount*Phone Number# i.e. *919*500*08123245657#

3.Once you’ve recieved the airtime alert, you can now buy the data you want from your network provider, which is always done right away.


1. Open the UBA bank mobile app on your phone and log in

2. On the home screen, navigate and select the option to Buy Data

3. Follow the prompts and fill in the required information including, the network provider, data bundle, and phone number to credit with the data, then proceed.

4.Now enter your UBA mobile banking PIN to complete the purchase.

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Once the purchase is successful, the phone number entered will be credited with the data volume, and your account will be charged with the amount the bundle cost.This will be all on how to buy data from UBA bank using USSD code.Buying of  Data isn’t the only thing one can do on the UBA USSD Banking platform. The following services are Available too; Account opening, Funds transfer, Bill payment, Check account balance, and many more.

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