Fastest Way To Apply For Palmpay Pos In Nigeria And Start Using It

One of the money businesses now is the POS business’s, primary source of employment in Nigeria. You have the chance to establish a “mini-bank” in your neighborhood with Palmpay POS. The Central Bank of Nigeria has granted PalmPay a license to accept your deposits and conduct other financial transactions.  Therefore, PalmPay is secure.

With PalmPay, you can of course send money, transfer money, save money, pay bills, and even purchase airtime to receive cashback from PalmPay.You can start your POS systems everywhere, a little company at the front of your home, and turn it into a mini bank for your neighborhood.


Read this article if you are interested in the PalmPay POS. It covers information on how to obtain PalmPay POS and to use PalmPay.

The requirements to apply for a POS on PalmPartner:

  • The app’s user and transaction patterns must be known to the palmpay agents. you must be able to operate
  • You must be able to use the PalmPartner app to complete several transactions.
  • A location where there are no other Palmpay representatives nearby
  • Your forms of identification include a passport, voter’s card, NIN, driver’s license, utility bill, a light, water, or garbage bill, rent receipt, etc.
  • Your real account number

How do I ask for a PalmPay POS device?

  • You can download the required app software into your phone to request a Palmpay POS system.
  • You can download PalmPartner from the Play Store for iOS or Android.
  • Need to complete the app’s application form.
  • Accept the conditions and terms (necessary paperwork online)
  • Submit
  • Watch for a call from the PalmPaycompany (within 7 days)

Where Can I Get the PalmPay and PalmPartner Apps? How Do I Download Them?

For your transactions, you can download PalmPay and PalmPartner.

  • Android/iPhone iOS PalmPay
  • PalmPartner: Android and iOS
  • PalmPay security

Price of a PalmPay POS machine in Nigeria

Due to the fact that there are two different varieties of PalmPay POS machines, each type has a different pricing and acquisition fee.

The PalmPay android (New-fashioned) POS costs 30,000 Naira, and the PalmPay traditional (Old-fashioned) POS costs 20,000 Naira. The pricing listed above applies when you don’t want the POS long-term.

Features of a PalmPay POS machine

The PalmPay POS machine supports the following transactions.

What are the charges and fee structures for PalmPay POS?

  • If Airtime (MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile)top-up to 3% commission for MTN,4% commission for Glo, 4.5% commission from Etisalat,4% commission for Airtel, 2% commission for DStv, 2% commission for GOtv, 2% commission for PHCH, 2% commission for Startime
  • N10 when paying with a bank transfer of money through your phone or cash(any amount)
  • It’s free to pay your bills online, you are free to increase any fees on your clients and N200 for each reference

How can I get in touch with the PalmPay staff if I’m having problems?

The PalmPay service can be reached at 017005700 (Nigeria) ). You can also email support@palmpay.co or Visit them in Nigeria at 20 Opebi Road in Ikeja, Lagos. they are always ready to help you when you have issues.

In conclusion, PalmPay is here to help you level up your business and start making more money. We hope that by providing you with this information about the PalmPay POS, we have been able to tell you about the requirements, and methods of fees in Palmpay Pos In Nigeria, and how you can start Using It.


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