How To Stop Airtel Messages And Calls In 2 Ways

This tutorial is centered on how to stop airtel messages and calls Easily even without seeking help from people. Many people are not just happy with the messages they get from the Airtel network service providers. And some of the Airtel Users are anxious to know the best and quick ways to stop the popup messages on their phone. If that is exactly what you are looking and seeking for that simply means that you are on the right track, Dont worry again because i believe that by the time you are done reading this article your problem would be over.

This post will guide and teach you on how to stop those annoying SMS and other unwanted message that you always get from airtel network at all times.I know that they have stressed you a lot with the SMS issues, but you have a Goodnews today because am going to teach you how you can activate Do Not Disturb (DND) Service on your Airtel line.

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Meaning of DND service in Airtel

DND means Do Not Disturb. The Do Not Disturb service allows you to block unwanted pop up messages sent by Airtel. These message comes after calls or even when you don’t expect them.

Activating DND service is the best alternative to stop these types of annoying messages and calls. You may call the customer care and ask them to activate DND service on your number for you or you can also activate it yourself by sending some message from your phone.

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How to Stop Recieving Airtel Messages And Calls

The Airtel Network are fond of sending unwanted and spam messages and calls to your phone number every day. It fills up your message inbox and it’s very annoying to see at times.

If you’re facing the same problem on your Airtel line then what you have to do is just activate the Airtel Do Not Disturb (DND) service. To avoid all the spam & promotional calls and messages, All you have to do is to activate the Airtel DND Service.

Activating the DND service on Airtel blocks all spam calls & SMS. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving important messages from Airtel. You’ll keep getting the important services SMS like OTP, banking transactions, etc. Also, you can Personalize your alert Alternatives so that you’ll stop getting/recieving SMS & calls from some Famous service on the airtel network.

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How To Stop Recieving SMS Service in Airtel

If you want to stop Receving all these annoying Messages from Airtel All you have to do is Open your phone dial app and simply dial *902#. After that, Then select either START or STOP to Activate/Deactivate your preferred SMS Based service..

How to activate DND on Airtel number online

Follow these steps to quickly activate DND on your Airtel number online;

Go to the DND page on Airtel’s Website on your mobile phone

1. Click the Click here button in the big red square titled Airtel Mobile Services.

2. Enter your Airtel number.

3. Click on Get One Time Password.

4. Enter the OTP which will be sent to you in an SMS on your phone.

5. On the next screen that will appear, click  on Stop All or specify the one you want.

6. Click Submit. After all these you have successfully Activated the DND service on your phone.

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How to activate DND on Airtel number via SMS or call

This allows you to quickly activate DND on Airtel simply by making a phone call or sending an SMS. These are the steps you need to follow;

1. Call 1909 and follow the IVR prompts. This will activate DND. (Via Phone Call)

2. Send START 0 in an SMS to 1909 to activate full DND on your Airtel number.(Via SMS)

It will take about a week for DND to be activated on your phone number regardless of the telco, and once DND is activated you will get fewer calls and text messages from telecom operators.

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