How To Sell Airtime And Data Online (Become A VTU Agent And Make Money)

Selling Airtime and Data Online can be a profitable side hustle business even if you have your daily job/business, the internet telecom market is very large in Nigeria having over 113 Million mobile users. If you want to get start and do not know how to sell airtime and data online. in this tutorial here, we at VTU Script would guide you through the entire process of become a VTU Agent in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, we have four Telecommunication networks which are MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE (ETISALAT). This is a very cheap and affordable business sector with 100% certain patronage (Lucrative Business). All over us, Airtime has come to be one of the necessities because people must recharge, and according to statistics, there are over 113 million GSM users in Nigeria. that is a sign that you will make profit, so here is a beginners step by guide on How To Sell Airtime And Data Online.

Nigerians spends billions of naira on their monthly recharges and is very unfortunate that a large number of people use android phones and are on the internet in Nigeria, so selling airtime and data online or offline is a lucrative and profitable business one can easily do without any hindrance. Selling airtime and data online are now available for digital purchase nationwide.

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Requirements on How To Sell Airtime And Data Online

Before you think of engaging in selling data and airtime online you need to have the following;

1. A Good Laptop or Smartphone(Android or iPhone).

2. Stable internet connection.

3. Finance and Capital.

4. Bank Account.

5. A Minimum of 10,000 Naira for start-up or Registration.

6. Customers (Market).

And also marketing like paid advertising to earn you big.

How To Be An Airtime and Data Agent 2023

There are many ways or means to sell airtime, You can use your smartphone or your computer/laptop to sell airtime without having to order or buy stock. When you deposit funds into the VTU (virtual Top Up) bank account , your virtual account is credited as soon as the funds reflect in the VTU bank account, After these, you can recharge your customers and yourself with airtime or data Online.

If You want to own your own website were you sell Airtime and Data, electricity Bills and all kind of recharge for TV subscription such as DStv, Gotv and Startime, Bet Account Funding and lots, Sell Data, AIRTIME TO CASH, MONEY Transfer on your own website.

VTU Entry Level

This business have different entry level like:

  • VTU API Merchant Level.
  • VTU Reseller Level.
  • VTU Agent Level.

Do not get confused, I will deep down on various entry level and how it works.

Each level is dependent on the financial capacity of the individual or organisation that want to start this operation.

VTU API Merchant

This level is the highest in the VTU Website business, they are the main source of vending for Agent, Resellers and Users.

The API Merchant regulate the unit price for vtu product and give access to their API (Application Programming Interface) for developer to use and configure reseller website and allow them fund their API wallet for end customer to get value of service purchased.

You will need high capital to become an API Merchant and full stack developers to support you.

That is you over see server Uptime and Network Vulnerability of each service,

To become API is not that too complicated as you think but expensive to maintain and manage.

Here is a typical example of the steps to become VTU API owner (API Merchant):

You will need a dedicated SIM cards for the four network we use in Nigeria then, connect to SIM hosting server which will charge you Monthly or yearly subscription to host your Virtual SIM with them.

That will provide you with your own custom API that other can connect to or you connect to your website to sell data and airtime from.

There are other configurations and set up you need to do in order to get more functions and features.

VTU Reseller Level

You do not need to worry about uptime and server running of the SIM hosting or maintenance cost, all you have to do is to find trusted VTU API Merchant and connect with.

in fact, you do not need to become a developer before you can achieve this.

Most VTU API Vendors also own a website and have made the configuration easy for you as a reseller to use their RESTFUL API to connect with your website and App with few set up process like MSOrg, Clubkonnect and Aimtoget etc.

All you need is just VTU Portal Creator Script and you insert their API into it, most VTU Script gives you a responsive website interface that you can use and convert your website to VTU App.

This level also requires some amount of financing to start the business aside capital like creating of the website (Web Hosting, Domain Name, VTU Script and Paid API).

Then, Capital to trade with.

VTU Agent Level

VTU agents do not need website or app of their own to start selling Data and Airtime online, all they need do is to find cheap website that sell data in bulk and join.

They may pay some few to have access to become an agent that resale.

All they need is money to fund their account with and marketing their new VTU business.

see our detail Guide on VTU Website Business Marketing

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Once enrolled or registered, you can now see all the menus that allow you to transfer or sell airtime or data to any of your customers for all networks. You are expected to have your own means or ways of collecting payment from your customers.

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