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  • The process of Reselling Data and airtime Online is also know as VTU or Direct Recharge, We recently show you What Is VTU All About.

    Now, Let’s get to know What we will need to Start Selling or Reselling Data Online in Nigeria.

    If you woud read this article Line by line (without skipping) we would tach you how to create a VTU Website or Mobile App for FREE

    Note: You need VTUpress Plugin VTU WordPress Plugin install before you can be able to create VTU Website and Mobile App with WordPress.

    Now, let’s look at basic requirements and how profitable VTU Business is in Nigeria and How you too can Sell Airtime and Data Online for Daily income.

    First, let see the Most Important Requirements to start Selling Data and Airtime in Nigeria.

    Requirements To Sell Data And Airtime Online in Nigeria

    Geting Started with Data Reselling Business is a pretty much easy to start side hustle business in Nigeria

    But, It is very difficult to make huge profit with little or no customers.

    Bitter Truth!

    However, if you intend to venture into Virtual Top Up – VTU Business the way banks did and spend millions on set up, advertisement and maintenance.

    Infact, the way banks spend more on the business was the same way they made profit.

    Notwithstanding, Banks already has a huge capital and the technical know how.

    that is; they got direct links with these telecom companies and already gotten the market to sell to.

    Banks focus and use two most powerful channel that everyone are used to and do not reinvent the will.

    Their Mobile Banking was already running on Mobile App and USSD Code and their first customer was their existing bank account holders.

    Keeping things much easy and fast, they started with selling of Airtime and DATA of Popular Networks in Nigeria such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9Mobile.

    Made massive advert showing users how to get data and airtime when they are really stock and can’t get Recharge Card or out of data.

    They tap into most key angle of where users spend their most time and use favourite celebraties.

    Banks integrated it on their existing Mobile Banking App and USSD codes.

    While other fintech companies brought the entire business real online doing it directly from Website,

    Companies like Flutterwave, Jumia, Paga, Opay and many others.

    Their first primary channel was via Mobile App and Website with existing or new account users.

    They also spend Millons promting it and rewarding customer with incentives to make user prefer them to banks.

    Banks was their biggest Competition since they have no direct access to user money or finanicial spending.

    They almost took over from banks because they offer points, incentives and discount that banks do not offer and make it possible for users to use their wallet funds to purchase these telecom products at NO EXRA CHARGE as bank does.

    Fintech Website and Ecommerce Website almost over took banks because they find the aspect that banks was lacking big time.

    Both Platform became the biggest VTU Vendor Before Cheap Data SME Business saturated the market space with a brand new Technology and a business model for those looking for Side Hustle Business in Nigeria.

    Now, Every platform was looking for a way to expand their product and also a sneakng sweet spot (selling Point).

    Most of them started adding Billl payment and and other common user most wanted services.

    From P.O.S Business to Educational Bill Payment and Exam Pin Vending like JAMB epin, WAEC epin and others.


    Every aspiring Business Minded who was their major Reseller or Agent,

    Now, know that too can have your own website/Mobile app and also make the BIG PROFIT.

    Business was not getting friendly for all these big Company because now, they have more Competitor than before.

    But, One limitation for Sartup was the regular Capital issue and technical know How.

    Some that could afford it, do not know how go about it and find a good Web Developer to work with and find in the right Marketing Strategy to over take existing Platfom like others.

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    How To Promote VTU Website Business

    Soon, Anybody with a little or no tech skill can easily Create VTU Website and Mobile App with the help of VTU Script Software Application.

    But, Not alll could achieve this.

    because Update from these telecom API service was hitting their website and need to hire a developer to do a technical update personally to their website was fast arising.

    Many got scammed in the process or was even defrauded.

    this was becoming too complicated because most blogger was also into the VTU Business and they could do some minor update on their site without an expensive developer.

    With the help of Plugin and Using WordPress as a Major Website Creator Tool.

    But there was no VTU WordPress Plugin to accomplish that mission.

    Many Went Back to Blogging as before while some other give up on VTU Business.

    However, their was till limitation with Flutterwave VTU channel and banks, which is Cheap Data and Airtime.

    People Still kept looking for Cheapest VTU Platform in Nigeria, But Resellers and End Users.

    New VTU Companies started to come up and now as a VTU APi and also does MTN VTU.

    There are Four Key Requirements you should first have before you can Create VTU Website Using WordPress:

    1. Web Hosting.
    2. Domain Name.
    3. VTU WordPress Plugin.
    4. VTU API.

    Do not worry, if these terms are new to you

    Or you want somebody to get it done for you.

    We at VTUscript is avaliable to work with you to create a responsive VTU Website and make Admin Managent simple for you by just making every workflow on one dashboard (on wordpress).

    You do not need to know how to code and no limitation to one particular script api.

    You can add your own custom api and Reseller Api.

    VTUpress Custom Api Plugin Add-on Extension: with this newly released addon you can integrate your own custom vendor api instead of the default VTUpress Plugin Api

    Note: This is very extensible snd care MUST be taken using this Addon Extension. You will be provided with support. For Easiness, We can set that up for you for a token but if you are a Web developer building for a client, you can handle at no cost to you.

    Read more about VTU Custom GET API integration

    Is Selling DATA and Airtime Profitable Business In Nigeria

    Is Reselling Data And Airtime Profitable Business

    Yes, it is very Profitable.

    If you are a student or young adult looking to start VTU Business as a Reseller, but on the other hand.

    It is NOT, if you are on a very low budget on Startup and Promotion Budget for a start.

    However, Telecommunication Business is the largest and popular business in Nigeria.

    That is; the number of Mobile Phone is More than number of people in a given location.

    That alone is a Business because every mobile phone have a SIM card port either 1,2,3 sims by a users.

    The Market is Big!

    You can only tap and profit, if your Business Plan is Big Also for the market and for everyone.

    You can also add Bulk SMS service to your Business, P.O.S Business, Bill Payment and Pay Centre.

    Open a Unit Shop Outlet to extend your business.

    You Can use MTN Business Ads service to promote your business for just #50/ Week.

    Alternatively, Use Bulk SMS Marketing to reach your existing customers and buy bulk sms phone number.

    See: How To Start A P.O.S Business IN Nigeria Using Opay

    You can offer other business services or run an Ecommerce website, Graphics design or Cyber Cafe Shop along side with your VTU Website Business.

    Starting Out as only VTU Business Owner is not too Lucrative as the advert always show unless you have other Venture to Support yourself.

    The Best Way to Successed as just a VTU Website Business owner is to add more monetization method to your website, more money making method.

    Since you are using wordpress as your major platform, you can add Advertising Methd of making money like running a blog on it.

    You do not need to think of your niche topic

    As you woud just be providing useful info about your VTU website

    And how can existing user get more out of your website.

    Just the way RechargeAndGetPaid (RAGP) is doing already.

    Rechargeandgetpaid homepage 2021Rechargeandgetpaid Blog

    Rechargeandgetpaid is using Google Adsense on their blog, to support the website management.

    Another Method is Membership Upgrade.

    data reselling

    they also make money from every product they offer on their website.

    From this kind of business model, I would say a Big Yes.

    Yes, Selling Data and Airtime Onlie is very Profitable in Nigeria.

    this would move us to the next step were we teach you how to set up a VTU Website Portal with WordPress.

    Quick Steps To Create VTU Website To Sell Data And Airtime Online

    Using WordPress is very simple to use and SEO friendly, Monetization Friendly and having a Fast Loading Website that is Super Secured for Payments.

    Okay Now, Let get things start working.

    First, You need to get VTUpress plugin and know how to upload WordPress Plugin from File Manager.

    Let me assume you already have the Plugin.

    Now, Login to your WordPress Dashboard amd hover to the plugin section.

    data reselling

    Click on Add New,

    data reselling

    Click on Upload Plugin.

    data reselling

    First Click on Choose File.

    data reselling

    Select the File you downloaded VTUpress (

    data reselling

    Click install now and the plugin would be install and activiated.

    After that, you can then set up your account and VTU Form and Pricing.

    it is so easy and Fast unlike VTU Script Software.

    How To Get VTUpress Plugin For Lifetime Payment

    Now you know why you need VTUpress, let know how to get it for one time payment and lifetime deal,

    click here to get VTUpress Lifetime

    Bonus Tip: See How To Ceate Mobile App

    Now, You have a VTU Website and it would be business wise if you get a mobile app for your VTU Websie.

    Because, Mobile App is Widely in used than Website.

    Check Out Our Guilde On How To Create VTU Mobile App,

    Also Read: VTU Script Vs VTU WordPress Plugin (Compared)

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