how to sell airtime and data online

There are some important things that you need to put in place before you can create a working VTU website 2021.

Here are

Four (4) Things You need to create VTU Website Portal:

  • Domain Name
  • Webhosting
  • Self Hosted WordPress site
  • VTU Plugin

Before you start creating a website, you must kown what type of website and what is use to develop it.

how to sell airtime and data online

Either Using WordPress, Creator Software, Script or Created From Scratch.

Not all website is created from Scratch, Some are made using a template (Theme).

That is, already created by to a specific framework and can be use by unlimted Website

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Just like as VTU Script Works.

VTU Script is a done for you VTU Portal Creator software that only needs to be installed and set up.

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No Coding skill required.

Now, Let’s understand what VTU Business is all about and why Nigeria like starting VTU Business and P.O.S in Nigeria

V-T-U simply stand for Virtual Top Up

In terms of Telecom meaning which is another method of Recharging instead of scratching recharge card.

it is fast and cheap.

how to sell airtime and data online

Do You Want To Create VTU Website?

The First Thing You Would Need To First Know is,

What Is VTU All About in Nigeria.

you would learn;

  • What Is VTU Business in Nigeria
  • How To Create VTU Website
  • WordPress Plugin For VTU Website
  • How To Start VTU Website Business
  • How To Upload VTU Plugin To WordPress

What is VTU Website Business and how to start VTU Business in 2021 using WordPress, Which VTU WordPress Plugin to use.

This is the most frequently asked question I get almost everyday in my chat.


Many of us do VTU Business Transcation but we do not know that is the VTU we are talking about is know as Direct Recharge.

If you know of MTN VTU and other Topup Platform in Nigeria For Other Networks Such as Airtel, Glo And mobile eiher through for Data or Aitime Recharge.

I Would Show You 3 Top VTU Business Method and How To Start any of them.

One of the Major VTU Network in Nigeria is MTN both for SME Cheap Data or Airtime Discount,

You can get MTN Data Price for as low as 250 per 1GB or #100 Airtime for #97.

Quickly, let get to know more about VTU Website Business.

Starting a Profitable VTU Business In Nigeria, you must have a good budget and time to grow your website portal and allow your VTU website not to stop Working.

Now, What do you need in order to get your VTU Website Working.

Read more here to learn how to create a Webiste with WordPress.

Web-Hosting is the space giving (allocated) to website use for storing content/media to enable access by end users (visitors).

Domain Name is the custom address link specified to a particular website instead of IP address.

VTU Script Software is a plugin that helps you automate VTU Product vending on your website without mannually doing it for user.

WordPress is a Content Management System Script that is install on a Website (Cpanel) in order to build a wordpress website and use a WordPress Plugin.

Quickly, let me show you how to install wordpress on your Cpanel Step By Step.

Before you can install WordPress On Your Cpanel,

You must get a Domain Name and Hosting.

If you want a Cheap Webhosting and a domain name in Nigeria, check out our Best Review On Webhosting in Nigeria 2021

Now you have a WordPress Website and a Good Business Domain Name, it is time to know how to do VTU Website Set Up on it.

You first need to get VTUpress Plugin.

Create VTU Website Using A WordPress Plugin

First, you must know how to install a plugin or upload a plugin you downloaded.

There are two method of adding a plugin to wordpress:

Installing From WordPress Directory.

Uploading From External Source (file manager, Computer, download).

To make things short here, check out a detail guide from How To Install Plugin On WordPress VTUscript.

Then, here is the plugin you should use to set up VTU website on WordPress.

Step #1: Install/Upload VTUpress Plugin.

install vtupress plugin and activate

Step #2: Add your Reseller Acess Detail or if you are using a custom api VTUpress Gold, your Api and Login detail is already added and set up.

Step #3: Add Your Selling prices.

Step #4: Choose a Custom Design that fit your Website colour.

Step #5: Fund Your Api Account And Start Selling.

Do ensure to check out our other post for more tutorial like this on VTU Website Business.

Hope this answer your question, you can drop your question on the comment section below.

Our next tutorial would be on VTU Website Theme and Plugin (Full Set Up), this is just an intro to the topic.

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