Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without ATM Card To Withdraw Money

Do you want to perform a transaction and you are without an ATM card, what if I tell you that transfer money at an ATM stand without an ATM card, using the following methods we will reveal to you in this post tutorial?

Before you can use the Zenith Bank Transfer code without an atm card to withdraw money from an ATM stand, POS or any payment point. you must first activate your zenith transfer via USSD Code.

Now, let’s see How to Activate Zenith Bank USSD Code

Ensure you have the registered number (phone number linked with your bank), and dial the zenith bank *966*00#.

Update: If you cannot use the USSD code, please visit your bank.

But if you are able to retrieve it.

Let’s go;

  • Dial Zenith Bank Code *966*00#
  • Register for the USSD code baking by entering the last four digits of your ATM card.
  • Next, create a transfer PIN.
  • Re-enter PIN, and confirm.

After, you have activated and be able to carry out transfers with it to other banks. you can now use the next tips we will share to withdraw money from any Zenith bank ATM.

All USSD Codes for Zenith Bank Transaction

TransactionsUSSD Code
Activate USSD Banking*996*00#
Check Account Balance*996*00#
Transfer Money from Zenith Bank Account*966*Amount*Accountnumber#
Zenith Bank Payday Loan*996*11#
Buy Airtime recharge from Zenith Bank for self*966*Amount#
Buy Airtime recharge from Zenith Bank for others*966*Amount*Mobile Number#
Open a Zenith bank account for self and others*966*0#
Increase transaction limit above 100,000 Naira*966*60#
Pay for bills:
*966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
Reset Zenith bank USSD PIN*966*60#
Retrieve Zenith Bank ATM debit Card PIN*966*60#
Reset Zenith Mobile Banking PIN and Password*966*60#
Block all debit transactions on lost phone*966*911#
Deactivate Zenith Bank USSD Banking Profile*966*20*0#
Check your Zenith bank account number*966*0#
Update your Zenith Bank BVN*966*BVN#
Block Zenith ATM debit Card*966*60#
Manage Zenith bank Cardless withdrawals*966*60#

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