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New Quick Method How To Check Your Access Bank Account Number

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Access Bank is the most popular Nigerian bank account, owned by Access Bank Plc, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

In order to access your money using your Access Bank Account Number, you will need to perform some basic steps to ensure that the account number you have isn’t stolen from you or misused by another person.

How to check your Access Bank account number in 5 easy stepsHow to check your Access Bank account number in 5 easy stepsyone else.

This article will give you 5 easy steps to follow that will help you check your account number and make sure it’s safe and secure for you to use.

If you follow these 5 steps, your account number won’t be stolen from you by someone else.

About access bank

Access Bank, founded in 1989, is a Nigerian commercial bank headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company’s shares are primarily traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It has subsidiaries in Ghana and Kenya.

Access Bank’s main business activities are organised along four business segments: Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, Treasury & Investment Banking and Insurance.

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Steps to get access bank account number via sms

1. Dial *901# on your phone

2. Enter your 4-digit PIN

3. Select ‘account information’

4. Select ‘account number’

5. Your account number will be displayed on your screen

How can I get my account number from ATM card?

To get your access bank account via ATM card follow the below process

  • Check the receipt of your transaction from the ATM card machine.
  • Your access bank account number is located on the receipt of the transaction, not on the ATM card itself
  • If you don’t have a receipt for that transaction, it’s possible that you need to go to any Access bank branch and inquire about it

Lastly, you can also contact customer care for more information about how to get your account number from the ATM card.

Access Bank code to check balance

*901# is a code that can be used to check your account number, balance and make transfers. *901# will also allow you use send and receive money, top-up your airtime, data and purchase add-ons through the bank’s mobile app or website.

Access Bank customer care

To get in touch with access bank customer care follow the guide below

1. Dial the Access Bank customer care line at 01 280 2500 or visit an Access Bank branch.

2. The customer service representative would firstly ask for your account number, which is usually 10 digits.

3. If you are calling with the number used in registering your access bank she would run a quick check for you.

4. If the account number is found she informs you about your account number.

So long as you can provide her with the number you used in registering as soon as she has this information, she can give you your account number and make any necessary adjustments.

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Is access bank customer service 24 hours?

Yes, they are. You can call them at any time between Monday and Friday, 8am-8pm, however, note that you might only get an automated service that sends you text messages when your balance is low, they don’t work on weekends. If you have an issue your best choice would be calling customer care.

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The process for checking the Access Bank account is not very complicated and does not take much time.

You can easily and preferably use the access bank websites which provides a list of all the benefits and services that are offered by the bank, which is helpful for making decisions about what type of account will suit you best also it can be used to check your account number.

See Us on Google on Your Next Search, Follow Us On Google News - VTU Script

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