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[Wire Bank Method] How To Withdraw From TikTok Without Paypal in Nigeria

Tiktok withdrawal problem is that most country can only get paid through paypal and Paypal on the other hand have restrictions on some countries like Nigeria and Paypal restricted countries. in this article, you will see other TikTok withdrawal methods that you can easily withdraw money, gifts and coin earning from your tiktok account to bank and get paid.

TikTok Withdrawal Methods That Works

we will see all possible means to withdraw money from tiktok account and also show you other methods that works in 2023.

Now, here is the avaliable methods that is use to withdraw from tiktok account 2022;

  • Paypal.
  • Payoneer.
  • Wire Transfer.

There are different methods to make money from TikTok like TikTok creator fund, TikTok Coin, TikTok Gift and earning as an infleuncer.

In our next series, we will list TikTok Infleuncers in Nigeria.

If you are in Nigeria and want to withdraw from TikTok, you only have Paypal as payment method and you know how paypal restrict us from cashing out.

However, you can only change your country/region in other to another africa country that have option for Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

So, let see how to change Country on Tiktok in Nigeria

How To Change Your Tiktok Country Location

This process will enable you have more withdrawal methods avaliable in your payment account setting. there are methods, TikTok automatically detect your country using these methods.

TikTok uses your SIM card, IP address, and GPS to track your whereabouts. You are prompted to provide your phone number as soon as you join up for TikTok. They hope to avoid bogus accounts and crooks by doing so. Furthermore, in some versions of the software, your location is automatically recorded by assigning a location tag to a post.

Is TikTok’s safety, however, also your safety? Unfortunately, no. Allowing them to know your location raises the possibility of being hacked. Your personal information becomes easily accessible, posing a risk in the long run.

According to the platform’s privacy statement, they will share your information with law enforcement agencies, governmental authorities, or other organizations if legally forced to do so. That means, TikTok is permitted to disclose sensitive information about you to commercial entities and governments. Knowing how to turn off location tracking on TikTok is quite useful.

How to change your TikTok region without a VPN?

It’s possible that a VPN option won’t be suitable for everyone. Whether your country has banned VPN services or you simply don’t prefer using them. Nevertheless, you can still change your TikTok location using these simple methods:

Changing language on TikTok to access other region content:

This solution is for users who only wish to access the content from a foreign country. Yet, it isn’t suitable for users who live in countries that have banned TikTok.

  1. Head to the TikTok app and navigate to Profile/Me
  2. On the right top corner, tap on three lines/dots
  3. In the section Content & Activity find Content preferences and click on it
  4. Tap on Video languages
  5. Click on Add language, choose your preferred language and click Done

Changing your SIM card:

TikTok uses your SIM region code to decide what you see, thus, changing your SIM card to a foreign one will change your location and allow you to access content dedicated to the specific region. It is important to disable the GPS feature on your mobile device as well to assure you are not tracked.

  1. Order an international SIM card
  2. Put the card into the SIM card slot
  3. Delete the cache and TikTok app data. For iOS devices only reinstall the TikTok app
  4. Open TikTok and there you go – the colorful content is yours.

How to change your location in TikTok on different devices?

Changing the location or region for TikTok is a relevant topic globally.

Change TikTok location on Android

We find VPN as the most optional solution for changing your location on TikTok. It is able to change your location, allow you to access global content, and reassure your security.

1. Choose the best VPN
2. Download the app from Google Play Store and install the software.

NordVPN app on Google Play Store

3. Sign up and choose a suitable subscription

Sign up for NordVPN

4. Connect to your desired country and its server

NordVPN map with Quick Connect

5. Find yourself enjoying the worldwide content on TikTok

Change TikTok location on iOS

Here are the steps that show how easily a TikTok region can be changed with a VPN on iOS:

  1. Pick a reliable VPN.
  2. Download the app from Apple App Store and install it
nordpvn on apple app store
  1. Sign up for the service and select your preferred subscription
  2. Connect to a wanted country and server
  3. Browse global content effortlessly

Change TikTok location on PC or Laptop

This is how to change your TikTok location on desktop:

  1. Choose the most suitable VPN for you.
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Connect to the server and country of your choice
  4. Head to TikTok and have fun.

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How To Withdraw From TikTok Without Paypal in Nigeria

Tiktok Withdrawal instruction:

You have to change your country to see which country have better withdrawal method that suit your choice and mode of payment.

Withdrawal Instructions

  • To request a cash withdrawal, you need to have a withdrawal method that we support in your region or country.
  • Make sure your withdrawal method information provided to us is accurate, complete, and up to date. Any fees or losses caused by inaccurate or incomplete withdrawal method information shall be borne by you. We are not responsible for any losses, disputes or other consequences arising from inaccurate or incomplete withdrawal method information you submit.
  • Each withdrawal request you make under your selected withdrawal method is also subject to additional conditions displayed at the point of withdrawal. The withdrawal threshold, limit as well as other information displayed on related pages may change at any time at our sole discretion and is subject to any mandatory laws or regulations in the country or region where you reside.
  • Withdrawing indicates you agree with our Virtual Items Policy, these instructions and any additional information provided by TikTok to you at the time of withdrawal.

Hope this help you and give insight o how to withdraw from Tiktok in Nigeria or any country you are from.

The only reliable method after paypal is payoneer and payoneer can send the money to your local bank.

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