OPAY USSD CODE FOR OTP, TRANSFER, Buy Data And Airtime (How To Activate SMS Alert)

Are you an Opay customer that needs quick ussd code for transfer, buy data, airtime or Check balance. Before you can use the Opay USSD code on your phone without internet connection, you need to activate ussd code on your linked SIM.

If you have been worrying about removing your BVN from Opay, you should rethink why you first need the opay account.

As detailed as I want to make this post to be, if you are unable to activate opay ussd code on your SIM. Please contact Opay Customer Support via Twitter, call or Email Support channel.

There may be different purposes why you need to use the OPay USSD code all the time; for transfer, get OTP, borrow loan, buy airtime, buy data and to check balance.

If the Opay USSD code is not working on your SIM (glo, mtn, Airtel & 9mobile), you first need to activate it. not to worry, we will guide you through the entire process and list of USSD code for Opay.

You can easily locate the list of Opay USSD code and it functions on the Opay app but if the device you have the link phone number on is not internet connected device like smartphone.

Here is the list of shortcodes for Opay without internet connection, the main Opay USSD code is *955#

However, you may want to do transfer using POS agent banking. They may request you get an OTP to process your transfer successfully.

OTP which means One Time Password can be used to authorise transaction from a point of sale device, that is anyone can just dial the Opay USSD code for OTP from your device and be able to initiate a transfer from your account without your account password or using the Opay App.

That is why you have to activate your Opay USD code transfer code and set a secure pin inorder to avoid unauthorized access and usage of your device.

Depending on your tier of verification, there are limi to which you can transact daily and you can increase your Opay transfer limit by uploading the necessary KYC and upgrade your tier.

TierDaily Transaction LimitMaximum Account BalanceVerification Required
35,000,000UnlimitedUtility Bill

How To Activate OPay USSD Code

As your regular commercial banks need ATM debit card to activate USSD banking on your SIM, do you think these digital banks also use same method or do they have a unique way to activate it since you do not instantly get ATM card from them.

You don’t need Opay ATM card to use Opay USSD code, you are are allowed to use Opay USSD Code*955# once you are able to create and verify your account on any SIM of your choice like glo, mtn and Airtel etc.

If Opay USSD code is not working on your SIM, contact Opay Support on Twitter for fast response while customer email for details inquiry.

However, you will also need ussd code to activate your Opay ATM card.

opay atm card Activation

Okay, let dive in deep of the OPay USSD codes including getting OTP fast.

How To Use Opay USSD Code *955#

How to send Money using OPay USSD Code

To send money using USSD on OPay, dial *955# then select 1 and enter the recipient’s phone number then the amount of money you want to send and your OPay pin to complete the transaction.

How to Buy Airtime using OPay USSD Code

To buy airtime using the OPay USSD code simply dial *955# then select 2 and input your phone number or the phone number of whom you are sending airtime, then input the volume of airtime to purchase and input your OPay pin to complete your transaction.

How to Get OTP Code on OPay using USSD Code

To get OTP code using OPay USSD code, simply dial the USSD code *347*010#. You can only use this code to request OTP on the phone number registered on OPay

ActionOpay USSD Code
Opay ATM Card Activation*955*03121#
Get Opay OTP*955*010#
Check Opay Account Balance*955*0#
Electricity Bill Payment*955*6#
Bet Wallet Funding*955*5#
Buy Data*955*4*mobile number#
Buy Airtime For Others*955*3*amount*phonenumber#
Buy Airtime For Yourself*955*3*amount#
Transfer Money To Opay Account*955*1*amount*10 digit account number#
Transfer Money To Other Bank Account*955*2*amount*10 digit account number#
opay ussd code 2023
video of how to use opay USSD code

How To Activate OPay SMS Alert Notification

  • Open the Opay App.
  • Click on ME tap.
  • Click on the SETTINGS ICON (on the top right hand corner).
  • Click on SMS Alert Subscription.
  • Select Notifications to subscribe to, to charge #4 naira per sms alert.
  • Tap on the Subscribe button to confirm subscription.

In conclusion;

You do not always need the Opay App to perform a transaction or check account balance.

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